Elk tattoo meaning

The Elk is a large member of the deer family that inhabits forests and plains in North America. The male elk are called bulls, the female are cows and baby elk are called calves. During the mating season in the spring they grow large antlers that are used for fighting other bulls or defending themselves … Read more

Otter tattoo meaning

The sea’s most playful mammal – otters – with their curious nature and distinctive look were always connected with water. Some people even say that they personify mermaids with their human-like paws and facial expressions. As cute as they may seem with their chubby bodies covered in thick fur coats, otters are actually tough animals. … Read more

Chameleon tattoo meaning

The chameleon is a well-known lizard found all over the planet. It lives in subtropical and tropical climates, which means it doesn’t really mind the weather, no matter where it lives. Credit Instagram The camouflage provided by its superpowers allows this creature to hide from predators or catch prey easily, so you can see why … Read more

Frog tattoo meaning and symbolism

Sometimes referred to as “The Frog Prince,” the frog tattoo is a symbol of courage, good luck and life.  Credit : Instagram Frog tattoos generally represent the positive aspects of life such as strength and happiness. Inked Magazine says: The frog has been an enduring image since ancient times and there are many different stories … Read more

Jelly fish tattoo meaning

The jellyfish is a multi-tentacled sea creature that can be found in water bodies throughout the world. The species of jellyfish has not been specified and many people wonder what the different types of jellyfish look like. Credit : instagram What we do know about jellyfish is they have existed since prehistoric times and prefer … Read more

Starfish tattoo meaning and symbolism

Many people get starfish tattoos not only because they are beautiful to look at, but also because of the symbolic meaning attached to it. A starfish tattoo can depict tales of hope and the rise from darkness in many different ways depending on what you wish to convey about your own personal symbolism. Some possible … Read more

Leopard tattoo meaning

Leopard tattoos can mean different things to people. Each individual chooses the tattoo meaning that appeals to them the most. The Leopard tattoos are usually chosen by women since it has a symbolic meaning in this sex. The fact that leopard is an animal associated with cunning, beauty, strength and power makes this animal one … Read more

Fenrir tattoo meaning

Fenrir is the mighty giant wolf in Norse mythology. He was foretold to kill Odin during Ragnarök by an anonymous seer. The name Fenrir means “of the fens.” This is where his mother Angrboda (a giantess) lived. The word association with ‘fen’ can also connote something evil or wicked, like hell or devilish associations. Credit … Read more

Bunny tattoo meaning

A tattoo of a bunny on the body, buttocks or legs means that the person is a fan of Japanese culture. In Japan, rabbits traditionally symbolize fertility and prosperity. In addition, these animals are considered a harbinger of good luck. Despite this, there is another explanation for the meaning of the images on the body. … Read more

Mushroom tattoo meaning and symbolism

eye mushroom tattoo

Mushroom tattoos are not so common in the tattoo industry, but they hold a significant meaning. As a symbol of wisdom and growth, they can be a great way to express personal beliefs or even as an affirmation of one’s values. This article will give you some insight on what to look for when getting … Read more