tattoo of Santa : meaning and symbolism

Santa tattoos can represent many things. It is a kind of tattoo that can be favored by both women and men. Santa Claus tattoos are also popular with tattoo collectors, who like having their body inked with different images and symbols. What does it mean to get a Santa Claus tattoo? A Santa Claus tattoo … Read more

Athena tattoo meaning and symbolism

Athena is the greek goddess of wisdom, just war, handicrafts and reason. She is the daughter of Zeus and a beautiful woman named Metis. Athena represents that which is noble, logical, brilliant, just and fair in women. She was born from Zeus fully grown and clad in armor. Armed with her shield, spear and helmet … Read more

Artemis tattoo meaning and symbolism

Artemis is the Greek Goddess of hunting, moon and nature. She holds a bow and she’s extremely beautiful as if she was made to be painted on walls. As men were not allowed in her temple it is believed that only women took part in her festivals and rituals. Even though she is mainly worshipped … Read more

Succubus tattoo meaning and symbolism

Succubus tattoos are often portrayed as women or demons with wings coming out of their backs. They come from the tales of the medieval period where they would take on a female form to seduce men in order to suck their life energy. Succubi are not purely evil, they can be caring depending on their … Read more

Hello Kitty Tattoo meaning and symbolism

Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio. The character was presented in 1974, six years after her emergence, was an overnight sensation with teenage girls around the world. Hello Kitty has become a fashion accessory for young children all over the world and can be found on T-shirts, watches, bags, … Read more

Simba tattoo meaning and symbolism

This place is my home. And you…you’re my new King.  It’s a scene from The Lion King which was loved and loved by everyone around the world. Simba is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, who grew up in exile after his father was killed and Scar became king of Pride Rock. He becomes friends … Read more