jasmine flower tattoo meaning and symbolism

A jasmine flower tattoo has a variety of meanings and is often associated with the virtues of love and affection. Credit instagram Jasmine Flower description The jasmine (Jasminum spp.) is a popular climbing shrub from the olive family that is widely cultivated throughout the world for its beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers. There are more than 200 … Read more

Thistle tattoo meaning and symbolism

A tattoo can be a way to express yourself, honor your past or celebrate the future. Many people find meaning in their tattoos, whether it’s about heritage, life-changing events or simply finding beauty in nature. Credit instagram The thistle is one of many beautiful flowers that can make for an attractive design when done right. … Read more

Ivy tattoo meaning

The ivy tattoo design is popular among men and women alike. The green and brown colors of the leaves and vines combined with the dark red and even darker green that make up the berries, give this image a truly organic look. Credit Instagram This looks great on either males or females – male skin … Read more

The Meaning of Wildflower Tattoos

The word “wildflower” is often used to mean not only colorful flowers growing in the wild, but also beautiful and lively girls. Girls with tattoos become more independent, confident and open-minded than other people. Many ladies get flower tattoos, regardless of what shape or color they are – birds, butterflies, stars or vines. Wildflower tattoos … Read more