Grape tattoo meanings and symbolism

Grape tattoos are very popular as the meaning of grape is deep. In Greek mythology, Dionysus , god of wine, ecstasy and ritual madness was believed to have created grapes from his own blood. Because of that people believed that those who drink red wine will live a bit longer . But not only they … Read more

pumpkin tattoo meaning and symbolism

Pumpkin tattoo designs are very common to people who love Halloween. Pumpkins are associated with the upcoming Halloween festival and how it can be used as a symbol of life and death. It generally means to the living, that the spirit returns home after roaming around for several days during Halloween. Credit instagram The pumpkin … Read more

Avocado tattoo meaning ( answered )

Avocado tattoos are extremely popular these days because of their vibrant colors and unique shapes. As whole, they symbolize fertility, love, health and vitality. but this kind of symbolism may vary from one design to another. So let’s find out what do different shapes of avocados mean in tattoo art. Credit Instagram First, some backgroud … Read more

Cherry tattoo meaning and symbolism

ankle cherry tattoo

In the tattoo world, the cherry is one of the more popular symbols. It often seems to symbolize a person’s desires to escape ordinary life and live an amazing story.However, regardless of your mood or current state in your life, cherries can always act as a reminder that there is always hope for the future … Read more

Cactus Tattoo Meaning and symbolism

Cactus Tattoo Symbolic of strength and prickly individuality. The tattoo shows a cactus which is the world’s most peaceful plant. This tattoo has its root in Mexico and Native Americans and was used for medicinal purposes, as well as food sources before the Spaniards arrived at America. The Mexicans made various kinds of drinks from … Read more

Pineapple tattoo meaning and symbolism

When it comes to tattoos, there are many different types of meanings and interpretations. Some people have them because they want to be a symbol of something they believe in or they like how the tattoo looks on their body. One common type of meaning is being a representation of one’s true feelings towards themselves. … Read more

What does a Banana Tattoo mean?

banana leg tattoo

Banana tattoos are a recent trend that had people going bananas. They can represent anything from “I love bananas” to “I am a fruit loop,” and, of course, they’re funny all together. But what does a banana tattoo actually mean? Unfortunately, while the meaning of your banana tattoo may depend on what your intention when … Read more

Strawberry tattoo meaning and symbolism

strawberry shoulder tattoo

Tattoos have been around for a long time and their meaning has changed through the years. In the past, tattoos were symbols of courage, power, and fertility. In contemporary times, tattoos are more about one’s individuality and personal style statement. This is why it makes sense to consider strawberry tattoo ideas when you want a … Read more