What does a 333 tattoo stand for?

There are countless numbers of tattoos that represent different meanings. The meaning attached to a number tattoo is typically related to the numerical value of the digits in the tattoo. For example, some people get tattoos with Roman numerals to symbolize important moments or people in their lives. However, an increasing number of people who … Read more

Number 27 tattoo meaning and symbolism

If you had a lucky number and want to extend its meaning, you can probably use it as a motive for your tattoo. You may also like numbers with many divisors (numbers that go into other numbers). For example: 3, 6, 9 and 18 are those kinds of numbers. Credit pinterest Number 27 is a … Read more

143 tattoo meaning and symbolism

The truth of the matter is that I didn’t know the meaning of the number 143 until I looked it up after this whole thing started. To be honest, when she tattooed it on her neck, I never thought twice about what the number meant because at that time; I believed in God and was … Read more

111 tattoo meaning and symbolism

111 tattoos are often associated with magic, since one plus one adds up to what many of us consider a mystical number. But the power of 111 tattoos goes beyond just that, as it can have deep spiritual meanings for those who incorporate it into their own belief system. It’s worth taking some time to … Read more

888 tattoo meaning and symbolism

If you study the esoteric symbols, it can be found that there are three primary numbers or types of tattoos have been used in many cultures, namely 888, 666, 999. The number 888 is the representation of perfection, infinity or completeness. With 8 being the many representations of God, it comes to no surprise that … Read more

999 tattoo meaning and symbolism

If you want to have a tattoo which has a deep meaning and is loaded with symbolism, then 999 may be the tattoo for you. Side note : 999 is also the police call number in London and it is also considered as a term for an elite police group with members working on special … Read more

5150 tattoo meaning

Most of the people in the world wear tattoos and they all have their own reasons. One common reason is because it looks good on their body and another very popular reason is to show something about themselves. These images sometimes represent a special person, memory, or thing in life which means a lot for … Read more

619 Tattoo meaning

The tattoo 619 can have various symbolic meanings. A popular one is it represents the area code of the city in California, San Diego which is often considered to be another birthplace or hometown for many Mexican-Americans. The tattoo also symbolizes strength, power and bravery. Credit : imstagram It may also be inked by people … Read more

3 percent (3%) tattoo meaning

The three percent of the world population who know what “3%” means, and this is their symbol. They are fighting for freedom and equality, they fight against discrimination of people with tattoos, against racism and fascism. They speak up for justice. A necessary evil in order to achieve peace and harmony on earth that every … Read more

The meaning behind 777 tattoo

One of the most widely spread tattoo myths is about the number 777. It usually goes like this: “The meaning behind 777 tattoos is that it represents 7 virtues and 7 sins.” The common meanings behind the 777 tattoo (I found throughout Internet) say that it stands for perfection, spirituality, divine completion or illumination. One … Read more