5150 tattoo meaning

Most of the people in the world wear tattoos and they all have their own reasons. One common reason is because it looks good on their body and another very popular reason is to show something about themselves. These images sometimes represent a special person, memory, or thing in life which means a lot for … Read more

619 Tattoo meaning

The tattoo 619 can have various symbolic meanings. A popular one is it represents the area code of the city in California, San Diego which is often considered to be another birthplace or hometown for many Mexican-Americans. The tattoo also symbolizes strength, power and bravery. Credit : imstagram It may also be inked by people … Read more

3 percent (3%) tattoo meaning

The three percent of the world population who know what “3%” means, and this is their symbol. They are fighting for freedom and equality, they fight against discrimination of people with tattoos, against racism and fascism. They speak up for justice. A necessary evil in order to achieve peace and harmony on earth that every … Read more

The meaning behind 777 tattoo

One of the most widely spread tattoo myths is about the number 777. It usually goes like this: “The meaning behind 777 tattoos is that it represents 7 virtues and 7 sins.” The common meanings behind the 777 tattoo (I found throughout Internet) say that it stands for perfection, spirituality, divine completion or illumination. One … Read more

What does number 6 mean in a tattoo ?

One of the most popular symbols to get is the number six, but what does this symbol mean? The number six tattoo has many different meanings. The main idea behind this symbol is about control, protection, and balance. The number six tattoo also symbolizes honesty, power, perfection, and victory. The number six is also often … Read more

The meaning of number 47 in a tattoo

number 47 arm tattoo

The number 47 has several meanings. First of all, it is considered that 47 brings luck to the bearer or who gives him this number in his tattoo. It is also said that he will live 47 years more than what was expected. Credit : instagram Most popular  number 47 tattoo meanings Independance of India … Read more

What’s the meaning behind 555 tattoos ?

Lately, it has become rather trendy to have tattoos with the number 555 inked on various parts of the body. But what does this number symbolize? And why is it so popular among young people? Let’s have a look!   The triple 5 tattoo meanings may include: Five elements (Wood, fire , water, earth and … Read more

What is the meaning of 0311 tattoo?

0311 is the military code for a sniper. A person with this tattoo generally has killed in battle or has great skill in marksmanship, usually both. If you see someone carrying an M-16 but not firing it, they probably have this tattoo! Credit : instagram The term “0311” is also used to describe someone who … Read more