Rosary tattoo meaning  and symbolism

Rosary tattoos have been popular for centuries and represent a very specific meaning and symbolism. People who choose to get this tattoo often do so because they want to commemorate a religious experience or symbolize their faith. A rosary is a set of beads that are used to pray, and the tattoo version can be … Read more

Bow and arrow tattoo meaning and symbolism

floral bow and arrow arm tattoo

Bow and arrow tattoos might be one of the oldest traditions in human history. So far it is known that they were used as a tool to hunt with. Even nowadays, there are still some tribes who use them for hunting and sports. According to many scientists, these tools have their origin in China where … Read more

Fork tattoo meaning and symbolism

A fork tattoo’s meaning can be quite different depending on your culture and where you live. In Italian culture, there’s an old tale that when it looks like something is going wrong in the family, one of them will get a fork in their hand to pass around from person to person in order to … Read more

Seashell tattoo meaning and symbolism

Tattoos with a seashell as a design are very popular. The symbol of the shell has different meanings and it can be combined with other symbols to create your own special tattoo. people could only survive in coastal areas where they found food like shrimps, oysters, and clams. They also used seashells as a decoration. … Read more

Penny tattoo meaning and symbolism

The origins of the symbol are not known exactly. It is believed to originate from Ancient Greece where it was used for protection and as a ward against evil spirits. This artistic expression of the symbol has been popularized through movies, television and other forms of media. One example that comes to mind is Adele … Read more

Oil lamp tattoo meaning and symbolism

Oil lamp tattoos are charming and simple. They can be done as blackwork or colored. In this post we show you the meaning of oil lamp tattoo, its symbolism and also a few designs to inspire you… What is the meaning of an Oil Lamp Tattoo? Oil Lamp tattoos are very popular among men and … Read more

Weathervane tattoo meaning and symbolism

Short answer: weathervane tattoos symbolize the direction of your life in which you are heading. in other words, it is an indicator of the path in which your life will take. This type of tattoo has a long history and can be found in many people all around the world. It was believed that when … Read more

North Star Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism

Wondering what the North Star, also known as Polaris tattoo represents? The North Star is one of the most important stars in astronomy. It is located within Ursa Minor close to its position of being at the tail end of this constellation. (wikipedia) The North Star is also known as Polaris, the brightest star in … Read more

Scale tattoo meaning and symbolism

In modern society, the most common use of scales represents something that has been done right or wrong in life. In other words, achieving balance in one’s life. A scale could also represent justice or fairness, equality or even the law. Why is a scale used as a symbol for justice? The idea of justice … Read more

Sextant tattoo meaning and symbolism

Most sextant tattoos are done in the traditional nautical style, often combined with other elements like maps, compasses, hourglasses…etc. Sometimes stylized versions of them are used as well. This type of symbolism is often associated with deep meanings and lots of people are wondering what it really means. The history of sextans First of all, … Read more