Razor tattoo meaning and symbolism

The razor is one of the most dangerous weapons out there. No wonder it’s used to represent danger, violence and even death. It is also associated with power, control, independence and masculinity due to its aggressive nature. It can protect or destroy depending on who holds it in their hands. A tattoo with a razor … Read more

Candle tattoo meaning and symbolism

One of the most common and popular tattoo designs for both men and women is a candle. In general, people choose to get a tattoo of a candle in order to add meaning to their lives. Candle tattoos are also very popular among followers of new age religions, paganism, witchcraft or Wicca. So what do … Read more

Snowflake tattoo meaning and symbolism.

Snowflake tattoos may be worn as a symbol of winter, cold weather and winter sports like skiing and ice skating. They’re also popularly given as ‘prom tattoos’ or to commemorate loved ones who have died in the winter months. Snowflakes are often used by children to depict their height on an icy door opening. Other … Read more

Saturn tattoo meaning and symbolism

The planet Saturn is one of the most mysterious and fascinating celestial bodies in our solar system. People who wonder what does a saturn tattoo mean and what exactly the saturn symbolism represents, will find their answers right here. What’s the meaning behind saturn tattoos ? Firstly, it’s necessary to mention that Saturn tattoos are … Read more

Volcano tattoo meaning and symbolism

Volcano tattoos also often carry hidden meaning, known only to those who decided to make such images of fire and smoke on themselves. However, if you look at the history of the symbolism, then it is quite simple to understand what such a tattoo means. The word “volcano” itself is translated from Italian as “fire … Read more

Omamori tattoo meaning and symbolism

The omamori is a very powerful amulet in the Shinto religion. It’s attached to the wearer’s body and gives them spiritual protection through out their daily lives. The Japanese word “omamori” can be directly translated into English as “protection”. There are many different types of omamori available today, but probably the most common one is … Read more

Vase tattoo meaning and symbolism

Vase tattoos are extremely popular among women, who appreciate the fact that they can be romantic and delicate at the same time. A tattoo is an artistic way to express your love towards someone special, making it more intimate and deep. One of the main reasons why vases make such a perfect choice for tattoos … Read more

Matryoshka tattoo meaning and symbolism

Matrõshka or Russian nesting dolls is a set of wooden dolls, each of which can be removed from its predecessor to reveal another doll that appears identical. A matryoshka doll is a figure depicting a very young girl, wearing a traditional Russian dress with a pleated skirt, a belt, and a headscarf. There often are … Read more

Broomstick tattoo meaning and symbolism

The broomstick is a common tattoo design theme, which has been used both as a standalone motif and as an additional element in witch-related , occult and pagan tattoos. In this article we will focus on the origin of brooms and their symbolism, with particular reference to its use in contemporary-style tattoos. In some cultures … Read more

Chalice tattoo meaning and symbolism

The chalice tattoo has deep roots in Christian symbolism, but also symbolizes the feminine divine within every woman. The cup of the chalice represents receptivity and acceptance, while the handle is seen as a phallic attribute. As such, these tattoos are popular with women who seek to honor their femininity. They would not be a … Read more