Phases of the moon tattoo meaning ( explained )

cute colorful moon phases tattoo

The phases of the moon tattoo, as you have seen from numerous documentaries and movies about werewolves, represent transformation. In other words, they symbolize change or growth that is not only psychological but also physical. It means a beginning of something new in your life. The next stage will be different from all those you’ve … Read more

What’s the meaning behind a money tattoo ?

A money tattoo has different meanings, depending on who you ask. But in most cases, tattoos with dollar signs in them refer to the person’s ambition in life; they want to stay wealthy and make more (or maintain their current) cash flow. Having dollar sign tattoos is similar to having a business-related tattoo like an … Read more

The Meaning of Wildflower Tattoos

The word “wildflower” is often used to mean not only colorful flowers growing in the wild, but also beautiful and lively girls. Girls with tattoos become more independent, confident and open-minded than other people. Many ladies get flower tattoos, regardless of what shape or color they are – birds, butterflies, stars or vines. Wildflower tattoos … Read more

What does number 6 mean in a tattoo ?

One of the most popular symbols to get is the number six, but what does this symbol mean? The number six tattoo has many different meanings. The main idea behind this symbol is about control, protection, and balance. The number six tattoo also symbolizes honesty, power, perfection, and victory. The number six is also often … Read more

The meaning of number 47 in a tattoo

number 47 arm tattoo

The number 47 has several meanings. First of all, it is considered that 47 brings luck to the bearer or who gives him this number in his tattoo. It is also said that he will live 47 years more than what was expected. Credit : instagram Most popular  number 47 tattoo meanings Independance of India … Read more

What’s the meaning behind 555 tattoos ?

Lately, it has become rather trendy to have tattoos with the number 555 inked on various parts of the body. But what does this number symbolize? And why is it so popular among young people? Let’s have a look!   The triple 5 tattoo meanings may include: Five elements (Wood, fire , water, earth and … Read more

What is the meaning of 0311 tattoo?

0311 is the military code for a sniper. A person with this tattoo generally has killed in battle or has great skill in marksmanship, usually both. If you see someone carrying an M-16 but not firing it, they probably have this tattoo! Credit : instagram The term “0311” is also used to describe someone who … Read more

Strawberry tattoo meaning and symbolism

strawberry shoulder tattoo

Tattoos have been around for a long time and their meaning has changed through the years. In the past, tattoos were symbols of courage, power, and fertility. In contemporary times, tattoos are more about one’s individuality and personal style statement. This is why it makes sense to consider strawberry tattoo ideas when you want a … Read more

Orange tattoo meaning ( answered )

Shining orange Venus and a compass arm tattoo

Tattoos in general are a great way to express yourself and your personality. Orange tattoos are no exception to this rule. A person wearing an orange tattoo could be trying to break out of their shell or they could be trying to show that they’re a fun person. Source : Instagram The color orange is … Read more