Laurel Wreath tattoo meaning and symbolism

Tattooing is an art that existed before the humanity started to make records. It was practiced by every culture, no matter how primitive or evolved it used to be. There are many types of tattoos out there, each one having its own specific meaning. The laurel wreath tattoo belongs to the first type – the … Read more

Root tattoo meaning and symbolism

A root tattoo  is considered to be the ultimate one in terms of loyalty and everlasting love. it’s also known as “the tattoo of no regrets” Or a symbol of unity, union, love… which holds together two people who are in deep relationship with each other. It is also said that root tattoos are done for … Read more

Succulent tattoo meaning and symbolism

Succulent tattoos meaning and symbolism is rich because this plant represents life, especially if you opt for the cactus variety. Succulents are extremely resilient plants which can be found across many continents and areas of the world. They represent strength to thrive in harsh conditions yet also offer beauty to any space they occupy. Credit … Read more

Tulip tattoo meaning

Tulips are famous for their beautiful appearance. However, this beauty is not the only thing that tulips symbolize. This flower has many different meanings to many people around the world. It can be regarded as a religious symbol, for example, it represents innocence in Europe (where it originated). On the other hand, in Turkey and … Read more

Mushroom tattoo meaning and symbolism

eye mushroom tattoo

Mushroom tattoos are not so common in the tattoo industry, but they hold a significant meaning. As a symbol of wisdom and growth, they can be a great way to express personal beliefs or even as an affirmation of one’s values. This article will give you some insight on what to look for when getting … Read more