Necklace tattoo meaning

Necklace tattoo meanings are related to the power of faith and self-confidence. It can also mean finding a balance between spirituality and materialism. Some people believe that having this symbol on their neck helps them to convey an altruistic message, so they embrace this tattoo with great enthusiasm. Credit : instagram The necklace is often … Read more

Airplane tattoo meaning

Tattoos on the body often have several different meanings at once, and among them can be highlighted religious, heraldic and mystical symbols. In this article we will talk about the symbolism and meaning of airplane tattoos – a symbol that represents a sense of freedom. Source : instagram Flying through air – it is a … Read more

Phases of the moon tattoo meaning ( explained )

cute colorful moon phases tattoo

The phases of the moon tattoo, as you have seen from numerous documentaries and movies about werewolves, represent transformation. In other words, they symbolize change or growth that is not only psychological but also physical. It means a beginning of something new in your life. The next stage will be different from all those you’ve … Read more

What’s the meaning behind a money tattoo ?

A money tattoo has different meanings, depending on who you ask. But in most cases, tattoos with dollar signs in them refer to the person’s ambition in life; they want to stay wealthy and make more (or maintain their current) cash flow. Having dollar sign tattoos is similar to having a business-related tattoo like an … Read more