Cattleya tattoo meaning and symbolism

The cattleya tattoo is a very beautiful and unique tattoo. Cattleyas are usually used in flower arrangements when it comes to flowers, but this time around we will be talking about the cattleya tattoo meaning .

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The actual word “Cattleya” stands for Johann Gottlob Kegel who was a German botanist. Cattleyas grow at high altitudes and they love warm climate areas. If you’re looking for a gorgeous and artistic tattoo then go ahead and consider getting yourself a unique cattleya tattoo . Although in general these tattoos represent femininity and beauty, each one can have their own specific meaning Such as:

– The cattleya tattoo may symbolize motherhood.

– You can also wear a cattleya tattoo if you’re in love with someone who loves these types of flowers, such as your loving husband. It will be a sign of gratitude and affection.

– If you were born in the month of June then you can get yourself a Cattleya tattoo for this flower is usually given to celebrate one’s birth month.

– If you got a cattleya tattoo on your neck then it means that you’re a very elegant woman. The message will be the same if this flower is placed somewhere else on your body, such as your arm or hand.

– If you want to make a statement with your cattleya tattoo . Then it stands for femininity and strength.

– If you want to get yourself a cattleya tattoo then it may stand for your family members or your close friends, especially if they love flowers.

These are just some of the meanings that can be associated with this beautiful tattoo design . Keep in mind that every person is unique so each cattleya tattoo stands for something different.

Do you have a unique cattleya tattoo ? Do you know its meaning? Tell us in the comments below.