Cheese tattoo meaning and symbolism

If you are looking for a new n fun tattoo idea, then having a cheese tattoo can be a great option. It’s sweet, crisp and fatty. It is one of the most commonly loved food items, no matter if you are a vegan or not. For some people, cheese can be life dripping down your arm in the form of tattoo design.

What does a cheese tattoos represent?

While having a cheese tattoo may seem ridiculous, but you can never judge the book by its cover.

A tattoo that brings together both, love for food and appreciation for humorous body art


Cheese tattoos are of different types and each represents something unique. To help you find out what kind of meaning your cheese tattoo holds, we have compiled a list of meanings which will give you an idea about it.

cheese arm tattoo
cheese arm tattoo @ tattooartbyhailey

Here are some common cheese tattoo meanings:

1. Cheese tattoos with crackers

Cheese is an integral part of many snacks and it is loved by even those who dislike the idea of dairy products. Cheese tattoos with crackers means, enjoying your life to the fullest, no matter what you do or where you go.

2. The cheese tattoo meaning – Cheesy life!

Cheese tattoos symbolize your love for decadent and gluttonous lifestyle. This cheesy life is a representation of fulfilling your desires to the fullest, without making compromises on anything. It is a way of living which many people dream of, but cannot follow due to certain circumstances.

3. Cheese tattoos for vegans – Life dripping down your arm!

For vegan cheese is not an option, so they opt for cheesy tattoos to express their love and affection towards the food item. You can also see some vegans with dairy product-free life which can be tattooed over their body parts to tell the world about their lifestyle.

4. Cheesus Chrust

Cheesus Chrust is a perfect cheese tattoo design for those who believe in asking for everything from their favourite food item. You can have these type of images on your body to thank your favourite snack or cheese for fulfilling all your desires, as it has done so many times before.

Why go for a Cheese Tattoos?

Cheese tattoos are a great option when you looking for food tattoo designs. Cheese is not only delicious, but it can be used in different types of dishes. For example, Maggiano’s uses cheese as the featured taste of many of its dishes. You can even use a cheese tattoo with bacon to represent your love for meat and dairy products.

Related questions

What’s the best color for a cheese tattoo ?

The best color for cheese tattoo is bright yellow. It looks the best and makes your design look vivid, fresh and crispy. The other colors include orange, white and brown.

Where should I apply my Cheese Tattoos ?

You can get your cheese tattoos on your bicep, wrist, forearm, back, chest or any other body part that you want to cover with a tattoo design.

How much does a Cheese Tattoo cost?

On the basis of size and detail of your cheese tattoo design, it will cost anything from $50 to $100. You can also look for discounts or special offers on different tattoo stores.

Cheese leg Tattoo
Cheese leg Tattoo @ sketchbetch_