Cherry tattoo meaning and symbolism

In the tattoo world, the cherry is one of the more popular symbols. It often seems to symbolize a person’s desires to escape ordinary life and live an amazing story.However, regardless of your mood or current state in your life, cherries can always act as a reminder that there is always hope for the future if you have faith in yourself and others.

minimalist cherry arm tattoo
minimalist cherry arm tattoo @freckle.handpoke

Cherry Tattoos Meanings

The cherry symbolizes youth and vitality, as well as being adaptable and flexible. It also represents success, friendship and love between people, especially couples or families that have been together for a long time. The cherry tattoo also symbolizes being romantic, fun and exciting.

sensual hip cherry tattoo
sensual hip cherry tattoo @mr.inkwells

There is no doubt that the cherry tattoo is full of symbolism for many people. However, it is important to understand that the cherry symbolizes more than just a single definition. Each meaning has its own importance while they are all put together in one.

The Beginning

The cherry tattoo design is a symbol of growth and success in life. It represents freedom and happiness since many people associate cherries with a fresh, clean taste. The cherry also represents love in relationships and bringing a positive change to your life.

Love and Relationship

couple cherry tattoo
couple cherry tattoos

In relationships, cherries are said to represent love and commitment between two people who have been together for some time now. They symbolize working together to make the relationship better and a love that will last forever.

The cherry tattoo design is also typically seen as a symbol of two people who want to grow old with each other. Two people taking care of each other, enjoying their time together and staying together for life makes the cherry a symbol that represents how a relationship should be, instead of just young love

Friendship and Family

In terms of family and friendship, cherries represent being loyal to your family or friends. No matter what happens in life, cherries can always inspire you to do the right thing since they are full of meaning for those who have them.

Self-Esteem and Happiness

Self-esteem is the number one priority for any person. The cherry tattoo can help you find your self-worth, which is why it has so many meanings in regards to helping people on their way to happiness.

A cherry tattoo design also represents being a good person who wants others to support them when they are down or facing some tough times in life. Thus, you have no choice but to be loyal and true since that is what cherries symbolize.

ankle cherry tattoo
ankle cherry tattoo @enginkarahasan_

Cherry tattoos in different cultures

Many ancient tribes believed that cherries were a symbol of female sexuality because it represented blood, which is an integral part in every woman’s menstruation cycle. In fact, people often say that a woman is ‘ripe as a cherry’ because this fruit falls from the tree when it becomes ripe.

In Japanese culture, cherries are symbols of love and fertility : this can be observed in their language where the word for ‘love’ has a double meaning: Ai.

The word Ai consists of two parts – A which means hand and I which means eyes. In other words – if you want to express your feelings during courtship – best use your hands to show what’s going on inside your heart rather than using your eyes, which may deceive you.

very tiny cherry tattoo
very tiny cherry tattoo @avis.tattooer

The most common symbol associated with cherry tattoos is the heart. The heart in tattoos is usually a symbol of love, passion and affection. It’s also viewed as an anatomical representation of the female sex organs (a woman’s chest being an inverted triangle) which explains why the symbolism of cherry often overlaps with that of rose tattoos .

Another popular interpretation of cherry tattoo meaning is eternity or good luck. This goes back to ancient Roman mythology where cherries were believed to have fallen from heaven alongside other fruits on the day of crowning Aeneas king.

Wrap up

The cherry tattoo has so many meanings that can reflect your life. The cherry is a symbol of love regardless of your relationship status, it represents success and happiness you can bring to yourself, and cherries are also a symbol of family and friendship.

These tattoos are not just for women who want to be girly and those with a “cutesy” personality, but for those who want to experience change in their lives. The cherry tattoo design shows the world that you are looking for more out of life and ready for the change.

So whether you have considered getting this type of tattoo or if you have questions about the design or its meaning, it is time to get answers before making a decision.