Cheshire tattoo meaning and symbolism

The Cheshire Cat is a fictional character in Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland. The cat is able to vanish its body at will, leaving behind only its grin.

The tattoo depicts the face of a cat that appears to be wearing two red cherries for eyes and an enigmatic smile. This design can be found on the skin in different versions.

The most common version is perhaps a simple drawing of the face and nothing more, but often there are also additional elements like a butterfly or a heart that appears to be peeking out from the cat’s ear.

Cheshire foot tattoo
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So, what does Cheshire tattoos mean ?

The symbol of the Cheshire Cat has several meanings and interpretations. It may be seen as an omen of good or bad luck. The symbol can also be interpreted as a sign of a happy and optimistic personality who is always smiling, even when things go wrong.

Someone who has this tattoo may also simply want to remind himself that he must never take life too seriously and that letting go sometimes can give you just the right perspective on things.

One possible origin of the tattoo may be related to mental health. The cat’s enigmatic smile is sometimes associated with bipolar disorder and other forms of mental illness where the sufferer experiences periods of depression alternating with moments of manic happiness or euphoria.

Cheshire Cat tattoos are often accompanied by other images like hearts, butterflies or stars that act as symbols of hope and positivity.

It’s also not unusual for the design to include rainbows since they’re often associated with positive things like happiness, optimism and joy.

Who is this tattoo for?

The tattoo can be a good choice for anyone who likes cats (but also for other people who just like the design) because it has a multitude of different meanings that can be interpreted in many ways.

It may be considered a symbol of happiness or optimism, while there are associations with cats and madness. It’s a tattoo that’s suitable for both men and women since it carries several meanings that can suit everyone.

Whether you consider this interpretation as helpful or not, it might explain why someone chooses to get a Cheshire Cat tattoo.

It’s also very important to point out that if you have an existing or a family history of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or other form of mental illness, it may be necessary for you to consult with your doctor before getting tattooed since this design can aggravate symptoms.

Cheshire arm tattoo
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