Chess tattoo meaning

The game of chess has been played by different civilizations for centuries, and no matter where it was created or developed, people always felt that there is something magical about the game.

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It was said that this game gives you an opportunity to leave your problems on the side of the chessboard, and can be helpful to improve your intelligence.

Chess tattoo designs are very popular among different age groups (not only for adults), because it stimulates logical thinking which is beneficial to the player in real life situations.

One more thing about this game is that you need to plan well in advance if you would like to win.

This game can be compared to a war, where an enemy is beaten by brain instead of muscles, so if you are looking for a tattoo that has meaning and represents intelligence, chess tattoos are definitely worth giving a thought.

Chess tattoos meaning ( pieces)

King: the first figure is considered to be a king that represents long life, honor or patience.

Queen: on the other hand, the queen is known as the most powerful figure in game. She has full control over all pieces present at the board. People get this design to show their power or strength, each each one of us wanted to be a queen at some point in life.

Queen and king: as they are the most powerful figures on the chessboard people often choose them tattooed together as a couple that lives happily ever after. They may also represent husband and wife if they are together for many years.

Knight: this is the only chess piece that can jump over other pieces, so it’s often associated with transformation. People also get knight tattoo to show their agility or flexibility in life, change of beliefs or appearance.

Other people choose this design if they have a very loyal friend or someone who is always there for them.

Rook: the rook is also called castle, it’s very strong piece of game that represents defense and discipline. People who chose this design may want to highlight these traits or express how they feel about their family or home.

bishop : with his long cloak and funny hat everyone needs to agree that he looks pretty awesome! Even though there is no real difference between different pieces of chess all bishops are still somewhat special – the only one who can reach every square on board.

Board: again if you look closely at chessboard you’ll see 64 different squares. For some people the board is just a reminder of how their life look like or as a symbol for balance and harmony.

Clock: chess time can be marked with many different instruments but if you ask me why someone would really want to get this tattooed? I’d say it’s because they enjoy playing chess so much that they simply must have something to remind them of it every second of the day. Some other people also believe that time doesn’t exist at all and only thing that matters is now, forever present moment – no past nor future.

Pawn: this is the lowest figure in chess and its main purpose is to protect others and surround opponent’s pieces that can’t escape because of their weak position on board (that makes them happy, but also sad). Pawns are usually associated with young people – beginners – who still have a lot to learn about life and world around us. They may express hope for new beginnings or dreams they want to achieve or leave behind.

Other meanings for this tattoo design could be fellowship, community, friendship or giving up your ego for those you love… As there many different ways how people choose their chess tattoos so whatever your reason might be it will never be wrong just as long as you find everlasting meaning that will stay with you for as long as you live.

Some history about Chess

The history of this game dates back to the 6th century when it was created in India as Chaturanga. When it was played in Persia, the game became known as Shatranj. The Europeans modified the rules of this game when they started to play against each other, and by 1400 CE chess had evolved into two distinct forms. One form has changed very little over the years and is called Western Chess or International Chess, while another form that went through a major evolution is known as Xiangqi which is mostly played in China.

The way it is played differs from region to region, and even if you play with a friend in a bar there are rules that must be followed by both players.

 “To play chess is to enjoy the companionship of a pine in the north wind, the feeling of an ice-cold stream against your feet, to float down white rapids, to wrestle with a friend on hot afternoons. It’s swimming at midnight under the light of a full moon, it’s walking barefoot through autumn leaves.”

-Shelley Fisher Fishkin 

However, the basics of this game have been around for centuries and following them makes gameplay easier. The main goal of each player is to place the opponent’s king into a position where it cannot escape capture (in other words checkmate).

Chess tattoo meaning according to religions

Chess tattoos also can hold different meaning according to religion or culture.

In Christianity, this game has been associated with everything from war, death and sacrifice to abstinence, caution and patience.

In Islam this game was forbidden to play by people who are not of sound mind, but in Persia it was believed that the winner of the game will receive a beautiful wife.

In fact, it is believed that Shahnameh (a book which describes Persian Kings) was written during hot chess games held between its author Ferdowsi and his patrons.

People who believe in Judaism don’t use chess pieces made out of ivory because an elephant’s tooth is considered to be very holy. However, they do make pieces out of other materials including wood or glass.