Chicken tattoo meaning and symbolism

Chicken meaning have evolved in numerous cultures throughout history.  For some, the bird has been a symbol of great good fortune and abundance. In other regions, it has come to represent a connection with spiritual worlds or a messenger between life and death.  In many cultures, the chicken was solely a food source for its people, but it is sometimes seen as taboo in today’s world.

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 In some societies, the chicken was a status symbol and its meat only afforded to the wealthy.

Tattoos of chickens have also evolved over time.  Once, they were considered taboo in many cultures and seen as vulgar or carnal.

In modern times, the chicken has come to be associated with cowardice and stupidity.

Chicken tattoo meaning and symbolism stem from the bird’s role in human history. Its connection with spirits, triumphs, sexuality, fertility, strength and so on continues today. Many people choose to get a rooster or hen tattoo because of its connection to these meanings.

The history of chickens in human culture varies greatly depending on location and the society involved.  For instance, while it was once considered vulgar in many cultures, today’s criminal underworld has adopted various chicken tattoos as symbols of status or power.

In other areas, the bird represents life after death or a messenger between worlds. In east Asia, the chicken was once a forbidden food. Farmers also feared it as an omen of death and destruction.  For some cultures, it symbolized good fortune. The bird was believed to carry messages from the dead or between worlds, such that its meat became taboo for those who were not spiritually advanced.

In modern times, the chicken has adopted a more negative image as a coward and as food for the poor only.  A common insult is to refer to someone as “chicken.” More positively, in some regions chickens are viewed as good luck charms or symbols of fertility. Folklore of various cultures attaches specific symbolism to the chicken’s various colors.

The use of chicken tattoos spread from military men who found that it offered an intense amount of pain relief when applied to their wounds . Today, they remain popular among members of prison gangs due to their widely recognized meanings.