Chimera tattoo meaning and symbolism

A chimera is a figure in Greek mythology which is typically depicted as having the body of a lion, with a tail that might end with a snake’s head. A goat’s head sprouts from its back and it has the ability to breathe fire.

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A chimera tattoo is usually composed of different animal parts coming together to form one startlingly detailed design.



This type of tattoos can represent a sort of unification between several creatures.

For example, it might symbolize the joining together of several animals which would otherwise not get along, such as a wolf and a lion.

The chimera tattoo can also be seen as representing the complexity of human nature and how all of our different traits and abilities combine to make us who we are.

Here are some popular meanings We found about Chimera tattoos:

-The lion symbolizes courage, while the goat signifies stubbornness. When put together, these two traits form an image of someone who is extremely strong willed and determined to make their dreams come true no matter what the cost.

-Sometimes called a “tragedy mask,” this face can represent all negative emotions like anger, sadness, and jealousy.

-In ancient times, the chimera was seen as a symbol of chaos and destruction, but it can also represent one’s ability to overcome adversity. This tattoo is often given as a gift for those who have been through a lot in their lives, yet remained upbeat about life in general.

-The number three is a significant aspect in many cultures, so when you see three beasts combined together to form this unique type of tattoo, it might symbolize the joining together of three souls to form a single entity.

-In medieval times, the chimera was often depicted as a celebration of what could happen if several creatures were to come together. One belief was that the chimera indicated a sacred union between all of the world’s religions, which would lead to an era of peace and prosperity for humanity.

-This tattoo is often given as a symbol of teamwork, especially if it features three or more animals being combined into one design.


Those who choose this type of body art might also want to consider what the chimera means to them and how they will use it as inspiration for their new tattoo. It can represent a deep appreciation for nature and its creatures, or it can symbolize the special qualities that make each person different.