Chola Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism

What do you think of when you hear the word “chola”? Depending on who you’re talking to, you might conjure up images of girls in plaid skirts and cowboy boots, or maybe tattooed gang members. But what about the artistic significance of this word? Before getting one yourself, it’s important to know what it means for both your life and your loved ones.

Chola arm Tattoo
The meaning behind the chola tattoo represents women who are strong and powerful.  Chola arm Tattoo @ laurasatana

We put together this blog post so that anyone interested in learning the meaning behind a chola tattoo will have everything they need before getting one themselves.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that the meaning behind the chola tattoo is not universal. This means that while there may seem to be a sameness in our description of what the word “chola” means, it’s still very important to research this meaning before getting one.

According to the urban Dictionary, the meaning of chola is:

– noun: a Mexican-American woman who associates with gang members

– adjective: Chicana, Chicano

This means that a chola tattoo comes with a lot of history and backstory. A lot of this meaning originates from the Chicana movement that took place in California over the course of several decades.

The meaning behind the chola tattoo also comes from its association with Aztecan culture. In Aztecan culture, reverence for women is seen in their depictions of ancient female warriors who have tattoos on their faces or arms. In the past, these tattoos were used as a way to show dominance and connection.

Because of the associations we’ve just described, a chola tattoo is usually a permanent mark that’s most often found on the lower back, neck, face and arms. These tattoos are seen as a way for women to symbolize their power in much the same way that these ancient female warriors did before them.

Chola shoulder Tattoo
Chola shoulder Tattoo @ tiago.c.guadalupe

These tattoos are also popular among groups of women who want to show their connection with the Chicano community in much the same way that male gang members do today.

Throughout history there have been many women who aren’t afraid to express themselves through body art. From ancient artwork to modern-day pop culture figures, these women have given body art a positive place in history.

To wrap up, what does wearing a kola tattoo says about you ?

  • A Chicana/Latina gang member
  • A woman who uses her sexuality to get whatever she wants.
  • A woman who doesn’t follow society’s rules

A chola tattoo is a symbol of strength, self-esteem and respect. This form of body art is usually used by women who want to be seen as a warrior within their communities. It’s important for anyone interested in getting a chola tattoo to know what it means for their life and how it will affect them and those around them.

Chola arm Tattoo
Chola arm Tattoo @ jose_kustom and kustom__tattoo