Church tattoo meaning and symbolism

Church tattoos mean Christianity. A church tattoo with a cross is an obvious sign of Christian affiliation, as is a church with stained glass windows.

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However, there are many more meanings that churches can have. All across America you see beautiful churches that no longer serve as places of worship but as historical landmarks that are visited by tourists.  These churches can be found in large cities like New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago and their stately architecture stands out among the skyscrapers and busy streets.

Church tattoos can represent a big part of someone’s history or religion, especially if they were raised in a Christian community or family.

A burning church tattoo symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. It often features a cross that is being burned down or an actual burning building. The rising flames are typically shown rising up to meet the smoke, which creates a sense of tension and conflict between pain and relief.

A church tattoo can also symbolize the power of prayer. There are many stories in history about prayers being answered by God because someone had faith and prayed for help during a difficult time or when they needed it most.

Church tattoos with angel wings represent protection, safekeeping, guidance and strength. These meanings are closely related to guardian angels; however, a church tattoo with wings is not exclusively reserved for guardian angels but can also hold spiritual meanings for anyone who prays. For example, the angel Moroni who appears on Mormon temples is supposed to represent a messenger or a prophet.

Church tattoo designs and ideas

A church tattoo can have a lot of different designs, from the obvious cross through to ornate stained glass windows. The design of your church tattoo really depends on how much you want to show off about your religious affiliation. A smaller covert church tattoo will still give people an idea what you’re about, but it won’t shout your religion to the rooftops.

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Church tattoos can also be incredibly beautiful, with some people choosing to get a design that is taken from an actual church that they have visited. The more you know about churches and their architecture, the easier it will be for you to pick something truly unique.

The traditional church tattoo design is the cross, but you can also include many other symbols associated with Christianity or churches. These can be things like doves for peace and love, sparrows which were used by Jesus to describe his followers, crown of thorns representing Christ’s sacrifice and many more.