Claw tattoo meaning and symbolism

The claw tattoo, like most other tattoos is an ancient symbol with many different meanings and interpretations across the world. Different cultures give them their meaning, but also in our time they can mean different things to each person.

Claw arm tattoo
Claw arm tattoo @ boldlines_ka


For some people, it’s simply a design that looks good on the body, while others wear claws as a symbol for protection, strength, and courage. Claw tattoos can also be a sign of struggle or indicate that one has been through hard times in life.

Here is what nextluxury said about bear claw tattoos :

Bear claw tattoos are rambunctious and righteous!

They are renowned among all kinds of men, so their presence is bound to earn tremendous praise. These succinct emblazonments conjure majestic implications that are divinely suited for environmentalists. Activists who fight for animal rights particularly relish in these wildly uncouth symbols.

In the past, they were often worn as talismans to bring luck and protect from evil spirits. In fact, some scholars claim that the claw was often worn as an amulet of protection against supernatural powers.

To others, the claws are simply a way to display power and strength that is otherwise only seen on dangerous animals. The more elaborate the tattoo design, the more dangerous or frightening it becomes. For instance, some ancient Viking warriors tattooed their hands with claws so they’d look like bears or lions when they were holding weapons.

Who wears claw tattoos ?

Claw upper leg tattoo
Claw upper leg tattoo @perkysean

Claw tattoos are worn by both men and women, but the symbolic meaning of them is very different for each sex. Generally speaking, men usually wear claw tattoos as a symbol of masculinity, dominance and aggression – especially if the tattoo design is big enough to cover most of their arm or hand. Wearing claw tattoos in this way is often seen as a trademark of sorts – especially for criminal gangs.

However, that doesn’t mean that women can’t wear them the same way. But more often than not, they are usually worn by women who want to display their strength and courage. They may be worn on any part of the body but are most often found on the back of hands.

Like many people, I used to think that having a tattoo meant someone was somebody else’s property – now it seems very silly to me since there are so many great tattoos out there. My first step towards having my own claw tattoos was to ask myself what they really mean? So here is what I found out about the claw tattoo meaning and symbolism.

Other hidden meanigns of the claw tattoo

The symbol of the “claw” is often associated with different kinds of magical creatures like demons or werewolves – which is why it’s an excellent tattoo symbol for those who are interested in fantasy world. The basic idea behind it is that since these creatures can’t actually transform into something from a horror movie, at least they can have the next best thing.

In the same way, women who feel that men treat them like objects or trophies sometimes choose to wear claw tattoos – since their symbolism is a reminder of their own personal power and strength.

There’s one more particular meaning associated with “claw” tattoos. It comes from a children’s tale where a woman is being attacked by a wolf and she defends herself by scratching at his face with her nails. The image of the wolf is often used in tattoo designs that have to do with aggressive or territorial behavior – for instance, if you’re trying to defend your family or loved ones.

Claw behind the ear tattoo
Claw behind the ear tattoo @spence.tattoos


Finally, claw tattoos can also have a very personal meaning that’s highly unique to the person who wears them. In this case, they symbolize a struggle or hardship in life that has been overcome – and these tattoos are usually worn by women who survived abusive relationships. The “claw” in this context is meant to be a reminder of the strength and courage needed to leave a dangerous situation – and move on to a life of happiness.

So, whether you want to wear your tattoos as a form of art or as a symbol of personal strength and power, the decision is up to you. Either way, I hope this article has helped you find what you’re looking for. Good luck!