Clematis tattoo meaning and symbolism

The Clematis tattoo is a flower that can be used as an image by itself or as part of a larger design. This article will tell you all about the meanings and symbolism of this flower, as well as show some examples of its use. It’s also referred to as the virgin’s bower. The species of this plant is known as the genus Clematis .

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There are more than 250 species in this genus. The name is derived from the Greek word κληματος (klematos) which means “a climbing plant”. 

The Clematis tattoo can have a vast range of meanings, depending on the flower itself or just its color. Here are some of them:

1. A deep connection with nature or the outdoors

2. It can be a symbol of high ideals. Also, it has long been known as the plant of poets and philosophers.

3. It’s also connected to childhood memories, especially springtime in the garden when they were younger. More modernly, they can represent an appreciation for the rising sun or moon.

4. The flowing lines may represent creativity or artistic spirit.

5. It can be a symbol of femininity, especially if the flower is pink in color [see more flowers with feminine meanings here] .

6. In some cultures, it’s a symbol of “eternal love”. In fact, the plant is very long-lived.

7. The red color of its inflorescence may also be a symbol of rebirth, resurrection or passion.

8. It can represent strength, especially because it’s strong enough to climb up anything. This includes people, houses or even trees! Also, some may feel that it represents victory over life’s challenges.

The rich symbolism of the Clematis tattoo seems to be connected to finding beauty in simplicity. It’s easy to draw and simple lines can create a beautiful tattoo that will stand out on its own or as part of a larger design. Ornaments are not required either, yet it still looks stunning!

This flower is also known for its abundance in most of the Northern hemisphere. It’s also considered to be a weed! So, it spreads easily and can deal with poor quality soil or even polluted environments. One more thing is that it requires very little care to grow.

These are just some of the meanings behind this tattoo design, but if you’re creative enough there are more that can be associated with this symbol.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some great Clematis tattoos:

This tattoo uses the traditional form of line drawing. However, there’s a twist! The inner part is filled with red color which gives it an interesting touch and main focus point! The pink flowers stand out even more!

A watercolor style Clematis tattoo with leaves and more flowers. This type of tattoos is becoming more popular over time since it brings out the feminine side of them, but this one stands out because of the brighter colors used on the whole design! The usage of white space also creates a fresh look!

This abstract style is incredibly unique and beautiful! It’s a great way to show your appreciation for nature and the outdoors and it still looks amazing even though there are no clear lines. The artist has created stunning negative space which is what makes the tattoo look so eye-catching!

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This thick black style is very bold but it still looks pretty realistic. It uses simple line work and a bold, black color to represent the shape of the flower. Combined with the dark outline, it makes for a stunning tattoo!

This is a more colorful version but still in a pretty realistic style. It uses pastel colors and a simple line pattern for detail to create a beautiful effect! Also added are some leaves, thorns and vines.