Cobra Tattoo Meaning and symbolism

The Cobra tattoo meaning is of a protective nature. Its symbolism encompasses protection, adaptability and rebirth which are all amplified by the cobra’s strong presence in ancient Egyptian culture.

The Egyptians worshiped the Cobra and adorned it in jewelry to harness its power.

The Cobra tattoo meaning possesses a strong duality of good and evil, life and death.

cobra shoulder tattoo
cobra shoulder tattoo @ snmah

The Cobra tattoo meaning can also represent an inner personal strength or self-assurance which is also amplified by the snake’s ability to shed its skin at will, embodying a continuous cycle of rebirth, rejuvenation and adaptation.

The Cobra tattoo meaning is a wonderful choice for those looking for a spiritual tribal tattoo, bring some cultural influences into their life and feel more connected to nature through this beautiful representation of the Cobra.

Cobra Tattoo colors and their meanings

The Cobra tattoo can be done in a wide range of different color palettes. Of course, the symbolism of this tattoo is amplified by darker color schemes while lighter ones give it a more delicate and subtle touch.

– The darker color schemes give this tattoo a very strong and powerful appearance. It often symbolizes darkness in the wearer’s life, with aspects of anger and aggression hidden within it.

– The lighter color schemes make the Cobra looking more elegant and subtle with a softer symbolism to it which can be connected to past experiences, nostalgia and certain aspects of sadness. The Cobra through these lighter color schemes is often connected to the wearer’s subtler emotions.

– Colors such as red, green and yellow give this tattoo a very strong symbolism that can be connected to danger and warning ; elements that are amplified by the Cobra’s venomous bite.

– while other colors such as blue and pink give this tattoo a softer symbolism which can be connected to peace and tranquillity

The color palette you go with will ultimately define the symbolism behind your tattoo and help determine whether it is more of a bold step or a delicate statement.

Cobra Tattoo Design ideas

The Cobra tattoo design ideas are infinite, it is a wonderful subject for Japanese style tattoos or delicate watercolour designs.

You can also include the snake’s hood into your tattoo with bold lines and colours to create a truly amazing art piece.

Also popular are cobra crawling up the arm, incorporating it into other symbols such as the alchemical symbol for iron or a serpent devouring its own tail.

The possibilities are endless with this symbolic tattoo!

Cobra leg tattoo
Cobra leg tattoo @ matheusalvarezz_

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