Coconut tattoo meaning and symbolism

If you are looking for more magical protection, or just want to use a little more natural magic the coconut tattoo is meant for you. In fact, the coconut is so important in Polynesian culture that entire islanders used it as their main food source and therefore much of tattooing was done on these islands.

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The Coconut Tree itself has always been associated with life, fertility and creation myths in many cultures around the world.

Coconut tattoo meaning in different cultures

For example, in Hindu mythology the God Kamadeva is said to live in a Coconut tree because of its ability to reproduce. Also there are several stories about how Shiva gave his wife Parvati a coconut so eternal love can be hers .

This mystical fruit also plays an important role in other religions like Judaism where it’s mentioned in the Talmud and in the Bible as one of the foods in paradise.

In other cultures coconuts have been used to explain how life started, for example in Polynesia they have a legend about how Vena’s mother fell from an island into the sea and when she returned back to land she gave birth to her daughter. The baby was put into a large coconut shell and then floated away and landed on another island where it grew into a beautiful woman called Vena. This story is also related with creation myths of many South American tribes who claim that aquatic animals like fish and tortoises helped them create human beings out of clay and coconuts.

Coconut tattoo design ideas

So if you are looking for another nautical tattoo design or just want to incorporate some more natural magic into your skin – then you might like to get this tattoo idea on your body. You can wear it anywhere but if you go with left arm make sure not to cover it with another tattoo design because it will be hard to hide it if you ever need to.

This might be the best placement for this kind of tattoo but if you really want to keep it close to your heart then there are several ways how you can do that. For example, some people like having their name written in a coconut shell and they claim that this is one of the most magical tattoos they have on their body.

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So make sure to try anything, even if it sounds strange or unusual – sometimes our beliefs can determine what kind of magic we use and how well would it work for us. If you are not comfortable with writing your name in a Coconut shell (which is believed by some cultures to be a sign of death) then you might try something else, for example writing a simple spell or incantation in it.

Another option is to get a large Tattoo design that covers your entire back and have something written in the middle of this design. For example, you can use a coconut shell with magic symbols or an eye symbol that has been used by many cultures around the world for thousands of years.