Cornflower tattoo meaning and symbolism

The Cornflower tattoo has a rich and spiritual past. The meaning of the Cornflower tattoo is deeply rooted in nature and fertility, and its symbolism serves as a reminder for love and happiness. So while we highly recommend this tattoo design if you’re looking to express your feelings for someone, we suggest doing some research and consulting your tattoo artist before going under the needle.

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There are different reasons as to why people get tattoos and what they value the most is the symbolism behind it. The following list consists of some of the best meanings for cornflower tattoos:

Happiness and clear thoughts: It has been believed that this kind of tattoo helps to create clarity of thoughts.

Hope: This kind of tattoo is believed to give the hope to overcome challenges in life or maintain peace and harmony.

Love: Cornflowers are considered as a symbol of love because their blooming period coincides with St Valentine’s day.

Memory: It is believed that this flower can help one remember lost loved ones.

Strength: It is associated with strength and endurance.

Uniqueness: This flower is rare to find, that’s why it has also become a symbol of uniqueness.

Wisdom: It represents wisdom because of its ability to bloom even during the harshest weather conditions.

Women empowerment: To many women cornflower tattoos represent strength and independence.

Wisdom: This flower is associated with wisdom because of its ability to bloom even during the harshest weather conditions.

Xmas: A cornflower tattoo can be an appropriate (not-so-obvious) Christmas gift.

Cornflower tattoo: ancient times

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The Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) is a Eurasian plant that bears blue, or sometimes white flowers. It has been used in folk medicine since the Middle Ages to treat ailments such as gout and urinary tract infections. The Cornflower is also part of the family of plants used to make blue dyes. The flower was popularly used in heraldry in Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, where it symbolized lasting friendship or optimism. It was even the official state flower of Prussia from 1773-1806.

The discovery of a Cornflower tattoo on Ötzi the Iceman (the oldest preserved human body ever found), estimated at 5,300 years old, shows how long this flower has been intertwined with humans.

Centaurea cyanus, otherwise known as the Cornflower tattoo, can also be found in paintings of Madonna and child or Virgin Mary with baby Jesus.

In Christian art, the Cornflower is a symbol of Mary’s virginity before giving birth to Jesus. It has been said that Mary appeared blue from her long cloak, which reflects the color of this flower. In pagan culture, the Cornflower tattoo means fertility and love. In Russia, France and Germany, it means happiness and friendship.

The Cornflower tattoo: what do stars stand for?

Cornflowers are associated with stars not only because they’re beautiful and blue but also because they traditionally grow where Perseus’ mother laid to rest. For the Celts the constellation of the Pleiades represented a group of mythological women. For the Aztecs it was a symbol of fertility and resurrection.

The Cornflower has been associated with many different aspects over time and in different cultures, but no matter what they were or what they meant in their original culture, today these tattoos represent happiness and clear thoughts; hope; love; memory; strength and wisdom.

If you want to overcome challenges, maintain peace and harmony or just simply feel unique and wise then the Cornflower tattoo is for you!