Cow tattoo meaning and symbolism

When it comes to cow tattoo symbolism, your totem could be many things. The cow is a very versatile animal and it can represent not only bovines but also strength, the feminine (motherly) side of your personality, or even wealth. Depending on its color and design it may symbolize different characteristics as well.

A black or white cow can represent wealth and abundance, while a brown one symbolizes the motherly side of your personality. Our article will help you make sense of all the possible symbolism attached to this creature – continue reading for more details on each one!

What’s the meaning behind cow tattoos?

The most obvious meaning that you could give to your tattoo would be strength, independence, and wealth. Depending on its color, it may also stand for feminine power or different types of luck. The peacefulness associated with this animal makes it a perfect match for those who are into meditation and introversion.

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White Cows Tattoo Meanings

White cows are said to represent wealth, abundance and good luck. They can be a symbol of fertility as well. Some believe that they are also a symbol of feminine power.

Black Cows Tattoo Meanings

Even though the symbolism remains pretty much the same – i.e strength, independence and fertility – black cows are often associated with witchcraft because they are believed to be able to ward off evil forces.

Brown Cows Tattoo Meanings

Being the color of earth, brown cows are most often associated with motherly love, nourishment and wealth. They sometimes stand for stability as well.

Red White Cow Tattoo Meaning

This type of cow is representative of strength, independence and good luck. It can be a symbol of passion as well.

Black White Cow Tattoo Meanings

Black and white cows stand for contrasting forces like day and night. They may be a symbol of witchcraft as well.

A flock of Cows Tattoo Meanings

A herd or flock of cows is said to represent group dynamics, community and support. This totem could be associated with things like friendship, teamwork or a big happy family. They can also speak of abundance and wealth!

Surfing Cow Tattoo Meanings

Cows can also symbolize love for nature and the simple things in life. If you are into surfing, this creature could represent your love for water sports or even an adventurous spirit!

Cow on a Tree Branch Tattoo Meanings

In some cultures, cows have been associated with climbing trees – they were believed to be able to climb up and down from the sky. In this case, your totem may represent ascension, heavenly knowledge or even fame.

highland cow tattoo meaning

Highland cows are believed to be the totem of hard-working people. If you come from this heritage, your tattoo could symbolize diligence and stamina.

Cows on a Yoke Tattoo Meaning

This type of cow tattoo can stand for strength and stability – it may represent union as well. If the yoke is made out of wood, it may also symbolize wisdom.

Cow Head Tattoo Meanings

This tattoo is a symbol of hard-working people as well as bovine power and strength.

This is just a shortlist of all the possible meanings for cow tattoos. If you want to learn more, we invite you to take a look at our comprehensive article on bovine symbolism.

Whether you are looking for a tattoo representing strength and independence or wealth and abundance – this creature is sure to speak to you! Cows have been associated with different types of meanings since ancient times.

What do other people think about cow tattoos?

Most people who get inked with one enjoy the fact that it doesn’t have an obvious meaning. You can get one if you’re into cows or just to be different. One thing’s for sure – cow tattoos are completely unique!

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