Cricket tattoo meaning and symbolism

Crickets are considered good luck in many cultures. Here, they are associated with divine protection and fulfillment of wishes or prayers for safety. Crickets may also symbolize love, fertility, eternal youthfulness, music and nighttime. Crickets (and grasshoppers) can be seen depicted in Egyptian art dating back to 4000 BC.

Cricket shoulder tattoo
Cricket shoulder tattoo @danielratattoo

Celtic warriors believed that tattooing crickets on their arms would give them the power to defeat an enemy with one blow and to always have music wherever they go. The smallest insect of the cricket family is known as the “chirping crickets”, which sounds like music to people.

The first can be dated back to ancient Greece and was dedicated to Apollo under the name Delphinium. The grasshoppers are also mentioned in Greek mythology, but their role takes on a more deadly meaning, as they became the instrument of the death of Orion. In India and China, crickets were often depicted in ink drawings, especially when it came to love declarations, both being a sign of affection.

In North America, crickets have been associated with music since early colonial times and their most popular image is similar to that found in Greek culture. This is because the insect has large hind legs, which make it chirp while moving them back and forth.

However, in Brazilian tradition, crickets are linked to witchcraft and called the “guides of the spirits”.

Cricket tattoo is associated with protection, especially against fire or accidents. The number of crickets on the body may indicate the desire for wealth and good luck in love, which is why they are often depicted in pairs. Their connection to music can be seen on the lower back or buttocks, where it is also believed that cricket tattooing makes for a good luck charm in love.

Like the Ladybug and the Dragonfly, Cricket symbolism is a sign of exceptional luck. –spirit-animals

Cricket arm tattoo
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