Crocodile tattoo meaning and symbolism

There is an ancient myth that says that crocodiles tears are indeed the very dangerous poison. You can’t trust anyone but yourself, even your family or friends.

This tattoo reminds us to be brave and strong like a crocodile is. They are natural-born killers but they can also be kind and helpful too! Here you can find some examples of crocodile tattoos:

Here are some crocodile tattoo meanings

– strength and bravery;

– wisdom and protection;

– family values;

– adaptability and power to survive under any circumstances.

crocodile arm tattoo
crocodile arm tattoo @ mas_tattoos_

Here is a list of some other tattoo meanings:

a symbol of adaptability, survival skills and power to overcome any obstacle;    a sign of fertility and eternal youth; a symbol of femininity and protection; a symbol of rich and wise men.

A crocodile tattoo is a symbol of strength and power, which sometimes can be a source of fear. And also it could be a symbol of being brave, making no compromises in life.

In some cultures, the crocodile is considered to bring bad luck or even death so if you choose this tattoo you should know that there might be some troubles with it.

The crocodile is one of the oldest animals on Earth so wearing this tattoo you will feel protected, like nothing bad can happen to you because the animal will protect you.

Crocodile tattoos are often used by people who have survived some kind of great danger. Maybe you were trapped in a car accident or maybe someone tried to hurt you but there was no one else around so you managed to

Most popular places for Crocodile tattoos

The upper arm, sleeve, and chest tattoo designs are very popular for a Crocodile tattoo. This type of animal tattoo also looks awesome on a back or shoulder area too.

There is no special place that will look better than another because it all really depends on your personal taste and preferences.

If you want to have a good-looking tattoo then look for an artist who can draw the best looking and most creative Crocodile tattoo design for you.

crocodile rib tattoo
crocodile rib tattoo @ doit4theink

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