Crossroads tattoo meaning and symbolism

Crossroads tattoos are a symbol of the decisions we make in life, and how they can change who we are. The symbols that are often included in the design represent choice, paths, possibility, growth, destiny…and above all making sure you follow your heart.

The crossroad is often seen as a place where choices are made and paths chosen. A place of split destinies and diverging decisions.

crossroads arm tattoo
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What do crossroads tattoos represent?

There are many different ideas about what the crossroads tattoo is meant to represent, but essentially it is a symbol of choice. It’s also commonly associated with chance and good fortune.

Based on mythology, the crossroads were seen as an entrance to another world, where spirits moved back and forth between our realm and others. They were often used as meeting places, and were thought to be rich in magic, mystery and possibility.

So when you’re looking for a tattoo design that’s about your own life choices, the crossroads are an obvious choice. The symbolism is especially relevant if you’ve chosen to take a different direction or if things could go either way…or even if you simply want to be reminded to listen to your heart.

Who gets a crossroads tattoo?

The crossroads tattoo is a popular choice with women, and people who enjoy travelling. It’s thought to encourage luck in life – or at least it reminds you that chance or fate could change your life at any moment.

Crossroads tattoos are also often chosen by those who have made a major decision about their future – perhaps something daunting like changing their career, or leaving home to study abroad.

And many women get it inked just before they become mothers, because the crossroads tattoo can be an important reminder of how amazing life is when you make choices for yourself and your own happiness.

People who like change may also like crossroads tattoos – whether that means wanting something different from their life or from their tattoo.

Different crossroads tattoos, each with its own significance

Some people choose to have two roads in their crossroads tattoo, so they symbolise the life choices being made.

crossroads tattoo with mountains : If you choose to walk the path of life, you’ll encounter many challenges. If you make it past the mountain, however, the difficult times will be over and everything will get easier.

crossroads tattoo with birds : This is a very common crossroads tattoo design. It’s thought to represent freedom of choice, new opportunities that are coming into your life, and the ability to change at any time.

There are also crossroads tattoos that include a fly agaric mushroom . This is because the fly agaric is considered magical and capable of carrying you across to other worlds (like in mythology).

crossroads tattoo with a skull : A very cool looking design, but it does symbolise some pretty morbid things. According to urban legend, the skull represents life being cut short or taken away from you before it had a chance to begin.

Other designs include a fork in the road, a path disappearing into a wood, a map…and anything else that best suits you and your own ideas about the design.

Related questions

What color should you choose for a crossroads tattoo?

The color of your crossroads tattoo doesn’t really matter because it isn’t particularly significant. But like any other tattoos, if you want to make sure the design looks balanced then pick two or three colors that you think look best together.

Where should I apply my crossroads Tattoos ?

You can put your crossroads tattoo anywhere you like! But it’s common to choose areas where they’ll be visible when wearing normal clothes (so your lower arm, your chest and shoulders).

Because the symbolism of crossroads tattoos means you can see them clearly when taking a different path in life.