Crystal tattoo meaning and symbolism

One of the most popular tattoo design trends is the crystal tattoo. It is a great way for people to showcase their love for sparkle and shine without wearing crystals or gems on their bodies (which can be expensive).

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Crystal tattoos often include more than one crystal shape, such as triangles, cubes, hearts and walls of many different shapes and sizes. There are few limitations when it comes to creative designs.

Some people prefer to get clear quartz crystal tattooed on their body while others might want rose quartz, fluorite or amethyst which all have different meanings and symbolism . Because of this there are many variations of the crystal tattoo design. Here are some of my favorite tattoo ideas for anyone interested in crystal tattoos.

About crystal tattoos and what they mean

The stones used in crystal tattoos can be any type of crystals but the most popular are rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz. Here is a little about each stone:

ROSE QUARTZ TATTOOS: It has long been believed that women were most attracted to men who wore pink shirts. One of the most popular crystal tattoos for women is the rose quartz tattoo because it represents love with out being too gushy. Women who wear them will often say they do so to attract more love into their lives or even more sex . This can be seen on many websites where people ask questions about the meaning of their tattoos.

AMETHYST TATTOOS : Amethyst is said to have been used to protect the wearer from drunkenness. It is also said to give us strength and wisdom while helping us relax. In addition it supposedly gives us self-control, happiness and peace. This might be why amethyst crystal tattoos are becoming more popular for people who work in stressful jobs.

Clear quartz crystal tattoos :   The most popular of all crystal tattoo designs, the clear quartz crystal is known as the stone of power and amplifies anything that is done with it. It can bring energy to any situation or object by absorbing, storing and reflecting back energy. This makes it a good choice if you want to send out a particular message with your tattoo design . Those who believe in its metaphysical properties say it will also help to stabilize your body’s bio-energies , relieve pain and reduce swelling.

The list of meanings for different types of crystals goes on and on but these are some of the most popular stones used today in crystal tattoos. Another thing I should mention is that you can really mix and match the stones as long as you understand what they mean. For example, if you want a tattoo design with rose quartz to attract love and amethyst for protection but you also want fluorite to help calm your nerves then go ahead and do it! If this is your first time getting a body art then I recommend that you focus on one stone until you get used to how it feels then work from there .

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If after doing research of your own, decide on a clear quartz crystal tattoo design here are some examples of cool tattoos done with clear crystals! These were all found mainly on , hope they inspire…


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