Ctrl tattoo meaning and symbolism

Many people have been writing to me asking what does Ctrl tattoo actually mean. Why did I choose it as a tattoo? What do the numbers stand for? Why am I so obsessed with it? Well, here is your answer!

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What does “Ctrl” tattoo even mean?

Ctrl stands for Control. It is just my way of reminding myself of what I am and how to behave. I was always a rebel and did everything opposite what the society expects from me. Somehow I feel like my life is out of control and that makes me really sad. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring so it’s best to just sit and do nothing than regret for the rest of your life. I am not a religious person but I do believe that only you control your own life, nobody else. You can’t change what has happened or does happen but you can always choose how to react on it. Right now my tattoo is helping me with this and hopefully one day it will be as strong as a reminder as Pavlov’s bell.

Now let’s look at some of the most regular questions and answers that people ask me: What does Ctrl tattoo mean? Control. Where is it usually placed on a body? It can be placed anywhere, I have seen it as both wrist and ankle tattoos. Would you recommend getting this tattoo? Most definitely! It has to be done in one go though, in my opinion. It has to be dark and thick. Would you ever get it removed? No way!

Why I decided on getting the Ctrl tattoo done

I was always interested in tattoos but never had one until last year. I thought about what tattoo I wanted for months until I finally came up with an idea of how I would like my future tattoo to look like. First I drew it on a bit paper and then I started looking for an artist that could make me feel comfortable, listen to my ideas and not overcharge me (those were the three main conditions). It took me several days of googling before I actually found anybody who seemed good enough for this tattoo. I found a guy who has been working in this field for more than 30 years and I have to say he did an amazing job!

I was very nervous about the whole thing because having a tattoo done is painful but it was totally worth it! I got my Ctrl tattoo a few days before a trip to Greece so if you were wondering why it is not a wrist tattoo – that’s why! I would be way too scared to get one done before a trip to the sea 😀

Why I choose Ctrl as a tattoo symbol

I could have chosen anything, really. But this seemed like something simple enough for me to remember it always and just as important as other tattoos that people have. I have a lot of tattoos so whenever I’m going out to party and want to cover something up, it’s a good idea not to choose the one that means the most to me because then even a small tattoo would be too much.