Daisy flower tattoo meaning and symbolism

The Daisy Flower Tattoo is very popular right now. It’s interesting to note that flowers can mean the same thing in different cultures, yet have completely opposite meanings. A daisy flower tattoo can mean a lot of things, depending on the person wearing it and where it is displayed.

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daisy tattoo meaning in different cultures

In Greek and Roman cultures, the daisy flower was associated with Aphrodite or Venus. It represented her powers of fertility or women’s beauty/grace. If you saw a person wearing a daisy tattoo somewhere on their body, it would symbolize that they are a follower of Aphrodite or Venus.

daisy tattoo meaning in American culture

In America, daisies on your fingernail mean that you’re single. They also mean good luck on exams. You can pull up to any car in traffic and show off your daisy fingernail tattoo, then everyone will know where you are in life! Wearing a daisy tattoo is very American too, since Americans seem to love flowers so much.

daisy flower meaning in ancient history

The daisy flower or Bellis perennis was originally found in the Mediterranean region, Europe and Asia. It has been cultivated for over 2,000 years. The ancient Egyptians used dye made from a plant called woad to paint the daisy on their bodies.

Color meanings of daisy flower tattoo

A white daisy signifies purity. A pink Daisy flower tattoo indicates a pure heart. The yellow or golden color represents happiness and cheerfulness, while the black daisy stands for mystery and elegance.

Daisy tattoos can also have a more personal meaning to them, depending on what they are paired with. For example, a daisy tattoo could be accompanied by a sunflower, representing the friendship between two people.

daisy tattoo meanings with popular symbols

A daisy flower with a butterfly represents metamorphosis and strength. A Daisy flower with a hummingbird signifies love at first sight. The daisy tattoo also is used as a tribute to loved ones especially those who have passed away. It represents new beginnings and hope.

The daisy is such a versatile flower that it can be transformed into almost any design, depending on the person wearing it. The petals in themselves are beautiful enough to make a great tattoo even if they are alone.

A daisy signifies innocence and purity as well as simplicity and cheerfulness, these meanings seem to be appropriate for those who choose the Daisy Flower Tattoo.

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There are many different types of flowers that have various symbolism and depending on what culture you’re in, you will find that they all have unique meanings. These tattoos, like the daisy flower tattoo meaning, are very popular designs for girls because of their feminine nature.