Dead Sunflower Tattoo Meaning (Explained)

Sunflowers are so joyful and full of life; while tattooing a sunflower can mean that you are happy and optimistic , a dead sunflower can mean the total opposite.

Dead sunflower tattoo

So, if for some reason you had a bad day and you decided to put your hole anxiety in your body forever, continue reading this article to know more about dead sunflower tattoo meanings.


Dead sunflower tattoo

A dead sunflower tattoed on the arm can mean life has taken a toll on you, and you failed to achieve your dreams, so you inked this image as a reminder of what life has given you, pretty depressing in my opinion.



When a dead sunflower is tattooed with a name or a date just below it, it can serve to remember the death of a beloved person, a family member, a dear friend or even a pet. you have probably chosen this image instead of a portrait for its simplicity and privacy, the message is not so obvious, so you can keep it to yourself if you chose to.

3) Hard times ( financially )

source: tattoo-models

The sunflower is one of the most cultivated plants in the world ( if not the most) , so the symbol behind a dead sunflower can be about recession and hard times. it can remind you how is it tuff to put food on the table these days, and you gotta do what you got to do to get it.

4) Getting old

You’ve spent your twenties and thirties traveling from place to place, gambling, partying … now you’re in your forties and you feel you can’t do this anymore, you feel like an old sunflower. this tattoo can be a reminder that you can’t live that lifestyle anymore ( although you can)  

5) fertility

while sunflowers are a symbol of fertility, a dead sunflower not so much. So this tattoo can mean that a couple can’t have children even if they tried multiple times, so they feel like dead sunflowers.


Is it a good idea to get a dead sunflower tattoo ?

In my opinion no. 

A tattoo will probably last your entire life, so why get one that reminds you of your failures ? it’ll be pretty depressing every time you look at it.

Is it a good conversation starter ? Definitely not. Telling a complete stranger about your insecurities the first time you meet them is a big red flag (even in sweden)

What better color for this tattoo ?

Black and gray is the most used color for the dead sunflower tattoo

Since the meaning behind this tattoo is not so joyful, I don’t see the need to add color to it. 

What style ?

A dead sunflower is a simple image , so it can be achieved even with the most minimalistic fineline tattoo . you can do it with a realistic design if you feel like spending a fortune on the most depressing symbol of all time (JK)

Where to put this tattoo?

As for any other tattoo , you can get a dead sunflower tattoo everywhere on your body. although i don’t recommend a place like the wrist or forearm, where you can see it everyday.

you can put it in the ankle, behind the ear or in the rib.

In conclusion

Now that you know what this design mainly stands for( you probably had doubts about thsi one ), you can make an informed decision if you want to tattoo a dead sunflower on your wrist to remind yourself daily that you’re the biggest looser of all time (again JK).

You can also post it to instagram under this well thought hashtag #negative_affirmations_only

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