Dead Tree Tattoo Meaning (explained)

dead tree back tattoo

If you’re considering getting a tattoo, the tattoo artist will likely ask you what your favorite symbol or design is. One common symbols is the tree. Why? The tattoo is representative of a living thing, which can be seen as an analogy for life and immortality. It also symbolizes growth, protection, and longevity.

But what about a dead tree ? what does this tattoo mean ?

Short answer : Loss of life and hope, a reminder of death, a symbol of lost potential, suffering, and misfortune.

“No man can wear his life upon his body with vanity; for the day will come when he shall wish to remove it and find that it is too heavy for him to bear.”

dead tree arm tattoo

A dead tree tattoo symbolizes the end of something. It is also interpreted as a phoenix rising from the ashes and in some cases, it is used as a memorial of a dead loved one.

This tattoo can be used as a reminder to yourself or another person that everything comes to an end and that life must be enjoyed every moment. Life is too short to fret over what others may think about you. Do not think about your future, live for today and don’t let anything hold you back.

What does a dead tree tattoo symbolize ?

1) lost potential and getting old:

Dead tree tattoo

If you’re a young or growing up couple trying to get pregnant. A dead tree tattoo can symbolize your idea of becoming parents and having a family in the future. When you get old, it may look like you have already children, but when you see it again, it’s only your imagination.

2) lost love:

dead tree tattoo

A dead tree tattoo can be symbolic of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who was once loved. It can also symbolize losing hope and faith that the person you lost will ever return.

3) Dead family members:

A dead tree tattoo can be a memorial of a loved one who has passed away. Keep the memory alive by remembering them in your tattoo’s design. In some cases, it may represent their life and should be seen as their legacy.

Demonic Tree Hand concept tattoo

4) Missing someone:

dead tree tattoo

A dead tree tattoo can represent the dead person in your life. You can also choose to add personal touches by adding other components, such as a moon, stars or butterflies. But remember that dead tree tattoos are not just for those who have passed away, but for anyone who want to express their feelings of loss.

5) end of life and mortality:


a reminder that death is inevitable, living and enjoying every moment is the key. The tree symbolizes that your time is running out. The fallen tree represents mortality or death, but it also can represent rebirth when a person returns to their roots or something that was lost and was reborn.