Door tattoo meaning and symbolism

The door is one of the oldest symbols in human culture, found in religions and mythologies all over the world. It also represents passage into unknown areas either physically or metaphorically. It can symbolize many other things depending on how it’s drawn, but most commonly it is representative of new beginnings, breakups and experiences.

What do door tattoos represent?

Door tattoo meaning is very subjective. It can have different meanings for people. One person might find the symbolism of a door in their tattoo as opening new opportunities, while another one will see it as having gone through hardship and opening now to a better world.

Doors are actually quite an interesting theme when it comes to tattoo designs. For example, there are numerous door tattoos for couples that can be great as wedding tattoos or anniversary tattoos.

Tattoos of doors could also carry the symbolism of entrance into a new life stage or to another dimension. Moreover, they can represent passage from one state to another. Door tattoo meaning could therefore have something to do with transition and change.

door tattoo meaning
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Why get a door tattoo?

While you can get a door tattoo design for any other reason, there are also specific reasons why people choose to have one. Some

of them are:

-To commemorate a new life stage or period of your life, e.g. graduation

-To mark passage from one state to another, e.g. getting divorced or leaving prison

-For couples, they can symbolize wedding day or another important anniversary

Different door tattoos and different meanings

Even if doors can symbolize many things, there are some specific categories they fit in. Here are the most common door tattoos and what they mean:

-Door with key tattoo – this door is locked and closed. It’s usually related to depression, sadness or fear of opening into new opportunities.

-Door knob tattoo – this tattoo does not have a door attached to it. Tattooed door knobs are about indecision or always changing your mind.

-Door hinge tattoo – this one signifies that you’re willing to sacrifice everything for the people you love and care about

-Door knocker – this one is either about achieving enlightenment or getting rid of a bad habit you have

-Door with a window – this tattoo is about being able to see what’s going on without actually getting involved. It can also be a metaphor for someone outside of your life that you still yearn for.

-Door exit sign – as its name implies, it symbolizes transition from one place to another. People choose it to mark certain places in their lives or past period.

Door side tattoo
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Related questions

What’s the best color for a door tattoo?

Door tattoos can be done in any color you like. The most popular, however, is black and white.

Why is it a bad idea to get door tattoos?

There’s nothing wrong with getting a door tattoo done. They are not generally correlated to any negative aspect of your life. They can, however, turn out to be a bad idea if you get them in the wrong place or in the wrong size.

Where should I apply my door tattoos?

There are numerous places you can get door tattoos inked. These include arms, legs, back or chest. You could also have one in your neck or head area, so long as the artist is willing to draw it that way.

If you’re unsure about which design to go for, don’t hesitate to check out different door tattoo designs. You can also get creative and come up with your own door tattoo idea.

Door leg tattoo
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