Double arrow tattoo meaning and symbolism

We’ve all seen them before, whether it be on someone we know or in the middle of the night scrolling through Instagram.

While many people don’t think twice about them until they’re confronted with one themselves, the meaning of double arrow tattoos is actually quite deep and wide reaching.

Double arrow tattoo
Double arrow back tattoo @ little.tattoos

In this blog post you’ll learn about where double arrow tattoo meanings stem from as well as why these tattoos are so popular among certain cultures around the world.

Where do Double Arrow Tattoos Come From ?

The history of double arrow symbols is deeply entrenched in the cultures of Native Americans. It’s been said that the first Native American tribe to use double arrow designs were the Puebloans. These designs were often found on pottery, clothing, jewelry and more.

The double arrow symbol was used as a way to represent a number of different things such as fertility, duality and even closeness between two people. Interestingly enough, these tattoos are still used today for all of those purposes…including couple tattoos.

Double arrow couple tattoo
Double arrow couple tattoo @ inkster

Double Arrow Tattoo Meanings – What Do They Mean?

When it comes to these tattoo meanings, you can basically interpret them any way you’d like. As mentioned above, they can be used to represent a number of things including:

  • In a lot of instances, when there’s only one arrow it’s used more to symbolize the connection between two people while the two arrows are meant to show closeness in general. For example, many people say that the two arrows mean “We’re in this together.”
  • Others believe they symbolize that relationships are a journey and not a destination. That all relationships have ups and downs and that it’s important to remember that no matter what you should never give up on the relationship.
  • Another interesting interpretation is tha two arrows can symbolize that a person is separate from others but also part of a whole; therefore, one without the other is incomplete.

Double Arrow Tattoo Ideas

If you’re looking for double arrow tattoo designs, there are tons of great options out there.

A lot of people like to use them in conjunction with other tattoo ideas and images such as animals, flowers and more.

For example, I’ve often seen people get a double arrow tat with “love” written above it.

Double arrow tattoo @cosmikali

If you’re looking for a unique tattoo that you can brag about, double arrow tattoos are definitely an option. They’re much more popular than one might think and have a way of sticking around for a long time; in some cases up to 30 years or so.

Maybe the best thing about these tattoos is that they don’t have to follow any set rules…you can be sophisticated and classy and still get this tattoo.

After all, it’s not just for people who love nature or adventure as it’s more than that.