double heart tattoo meaning and symbolism

The spiritual connection with the double heart tattoo is mostly about love and feeling connected. Love for many people is one of the most important things in life, binding couples, families and entire communities together. The symbol represents your connection with someone else or even a group of people.

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One can also think about having two sets of hearts as a symbol of opposites; two halves coming together to make something whole.

The double heart tattoo can also be seen as the life and death cycle, where one heart is alive and the other is dead: both hearts finding each other in the afterlife.

When one heart is dead, or when life itself fails us, we can always find comfort in the memories of love and happiness. If you still carry feelings for someone who has passed away, faded away or simply turned its back on you, this tattoo might be quite symbolic in your case.

A double heart tattoo can represent many things to many people. The best way to find out about someone’s individual meaning is simply asking them why they got a double heart, and what it means to them. Only then will you be able to fully understand the message behind their tattoo.

The double heart is a popular choice for couples who have been together for many years and want to express their everlasting love to each other.

The double heart tattoo can also be used as a romantic gesture, where the hearts are linked together side by side with their points facing opposite directions, connecting them in eternal love and unity.

Imporant : If you’re planning on getting the double heart tattoo done right after your wedding ceremony, it’s very likely that you want to commemorate the day your life together started.

The double heart is a very popular design

among celebrities as well – and can be found in many variations: linked together, one above the other, with a few feathers or vines surrounding it etc. One variation especially relevant to women getting a tattoo is having two hearts next to each other, but instead of being linked or facing opposite directions, this form of double heart tattoo has the two hearts touching each other with their points.

This type of double heart tattoo is usually accompanied by another design, such as a flower, trinity knot or any other symbol that represents love for the person getting it done.