Dragonfly tattoo meaning and symbolism

Dragonflies are an ancient symbol, considered the bearer of good news and have been associated with many stories old as time itself. The dragonfly is a powerful creature which was once believed to be the bringer of lightening and thunder, because their flight appeared storm-like.

The Greeks associated them with Iris , messenger of the Gods, working for Hera and bringing her news from Mount Olympus. The Egyptians saw it as a symbol of rebirth, while the Chinese called it ‘Yang-hwae’, meaning ‘the joy bearer’ or bringer of great happiness.

Dragonfly arm tattoo
Dragonfly arm tattoo @ monizetattoo

In aboriginal cultures dragonflies are symbols of happiness and harmony which used to be transferred from tribe to tribe in the form of jewelry. There are many aboriginal tribes in Australia, where the dragonfly is a very important symbol which represents happiness and usually holds an important place in their symbolism. Also known as “Rainbow Serpent”, it was said that he never lost sight of his wife – Yhi the Sun goddess, who brought light into darkness.

If you follow the Celtic mythology you will find many stories and legends about dragonflies as well. In their culture, dragonflies symbolize beauty and lightness of being, joy and playfulness. Celtic warriors would paint the image of a dragonfly on their shields to give them luck in battles.

In India there was a tale which goes like this:

“Two fairies loved each other, but the wicked witch Ghrismali stood in their way. The two lovers escaped her many times with the help of a dragonfly.”

Native Americans considered these insects almost mystical and believe that dragonflies are the link between our world and that of souls who have gone through death. They often refer to dragonflies as ‘Sleeping spirits sent to us by our ancestors’.

Dragonfly tattoo designs and their meanings

Dragonflies and crystals work together perfectly, because they both have the power to change things around us – dragonflies can see through illusions and turn into invisible beings, while crystals cleanse and clear things that we cannot see with our eyes.

As a tattoo this combination is perfect if you want to become stronger in your life’s journey. They will help you stay on track and learn from your past, while wearing them as a tattoo you can – through the magic they create – attract new friends, good luck and even help you catch your soulmate.

It is said that they are able to hold many secrets of the past which our modern mind cannot understand. It’s for the same reason we should never kill a dragonfly, because it would mean that we won’t be able to learn from them and therefore prevent ourselves from growing.

A spirit guide dragonfly tattoo is excellent for letting us know that our ancestors are always near to us and want to help us grow, no matter what it takes.

As for the design of this tattoo, you can either go with a simple dragonfly or bring in some flowers – like roses (for abundance of good luck) lilies (for purity), daisies (for innocence of youth). The meanings behind these flowers are numerous, but one thing is true – all of them support your new path and welcome you with open arms.

Dragonfly arm tattoo
Dragonfly arm tattoo @ inkwazja_

Last, but not least – this tattoo is ideal for people who are looking to connect with the past and remember their ancestors or perhaps reach out to spirit guides. You can personalize it how you want – after all, no two tattoos are alike!

If green dragonfly tattoo symbolizes beauty and lightness of being, joy and playfulness, then black dragonfly tattoo represents darkness and mystery of unknown worlds. It’s not surprising that many people who get this tattoo are interested in the paranormal phenomena – just like dragonflies themselves they seem to come out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly.