Dreamer Tattoo meaning and symbolism

Dreamer tattoo designs are very popular these days.

The main motive behind dreamer tattoos is to obtain abundant happiness, prosperity and good luck in life by getting rid of the negative energy or any obstacles and persuing your dreams whatever they are.

Dreamer tattoos are mostly liked by women because of their beautiful design and different colors. It is a symbol of hope, encouragement, and motivation to pursue your dreams and goal.

"dreamer" arm tattoo
“dreamer” arm tattoo @ jack__tattooer

What does a dreamer tattoo tell about you?

A dreamer tattoo tells that you are always excited about your dreams. You always wish to turn your dreams into reality. You are a positive person and never give up easily on anything in life which you desire for because it is your right.

You always want to be successful in life. You are very dedicated, reliable and responsible person. Your attitude is like that you never spare any efforts to achieve your dreams.

Where would you place the dreamer tattoo?

A Dreamer tattoo looks great on any part of body but women mostly prefer to get it placed on their wrist or arm or on the chest.

If you are a boy and would like to get a dreamer tattoo then on upper arm, shoulder or chest is a right place for dreamer tattoo.

Dreamer tattoos designs

There are many different kinds of Dreamer tattoos designs available in today’s market but some popular ones are as below:

1) Flying Dreamer Tattoo:

Flying Dreamer Tattoo is symbolic in nature which tells that you can fly high and achieve anything in life by working hard. This type of tattoos for girls tell that they have the capability to achieve everything they desire for .

2) Dream catcher tattoos:

If you are looking for a stylish design of dreamer tattoos then try out the Dream catcher tattoos . Though this tattoo is very popular but it looks more cool and stylish when placed on upper arm.

the central idea behind the use of dreamcatchers as a lucky charm is consistent: it wards off negativity and retains the positive to achieve peace of mind. symbolsage

what type of person is likely to get a dreamer tattoo ?

People with this type of tattoos are likely deep thikers,out of the box thinkers, very emotional, sensitive and dedicated to their family members. People with this tattoo are full of life; they are not afraid to try new things in life. They always have a belief that everything will be fine at the end.

The most important thing is that they are free spirited individuals who are ready to fly high without any permission from anyone. These people are very generous, happy go lucky and always ready to take risks in life.

dreamer arm tattoo
dreamer arm tattoo @ mizerykordiatattoo

What’s the best color for a dreamer tattoo ?

The best color for a dreamer tattoo is red and black. These colors represent passion, courage and self-confidence.

Where should I apply my dreamer Tattoo ?

A tattoo can be applied on any part of the body like: lower back, shoulder, upper arm, neck, and chest area.

Wraping up

Dreamer tattoos represent dreams for those who want to make them come true or those who are always excited about their dreams. People with this type of tattoos are always passionate about their dreams and ready to take any risk required to achieve them.

People who have dreamer tattoos always wish for success in life and they never give up on anything in life which they desire for .

If you’re a person with a belief in your abilities then this tattoo is perfect! You can also add some extra life to your dreamer tattoo with some quote.

dreamcatcher shoulder tattoo
dream catcher shoulder tattoo @ antho__tattoo