Eclipse tattoo meaning and symbolism.

Eclipse tattoos symbolize the darkness and light, dawn and dusk. The eclipse can also be a symbol of change.

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Astrology plays an important role here as well: some people think that this is a sign of transformation, changes in life or even some kind of rebirth. People who have sun and moon on their wrists often believe that their lives are strongly connected with nature, which is what brings them peace of mind.

Eclipse tattoos can be a symbol of the unity with the nature, but also show deep connection with it. They can tell us about faith in astrology and astronomy at the same time.

The eclipse tattoo meaning is open to interpretation by each individual, but it can be a symbol of unity with nature and its elements – earth, water, fire and air.

Moon eclipse tattoo meaning

The moon is a very important element that has had a strong connection with the human history throughout the world. It is a celestial body that reflects the light from the sun so it changes its shape every month.

When there is a solar eclipse, the moon comes between the sun and the earth, hiding the light of the sun; whereas during a lunar eclipse it’s just the opposite – Earth comes in between Sun and Moon by blocking its light. The darkness that falls upon us during this event gives birth to many interesting myths.

People believe that the lunar eclipse is a bad omen, and many could not even look at it and hid in their homes.

As we already know, the moon holds a very important place in astrology. It has been connected with man’s psychology and behavior as well as with his inner feelings and emotions. When we see the earth and the moon in a tattoo, we usually understand that the person is looking for self-knowledge and wants to explore his inner feelings.

Crescent moon can be a symbol of womanhood. It’s popular among women who like mysticism and occultism (astrology). It can even be a symbol of virginity or it could mean femininity.

The moon has always been a symbol of intuition and in some cultures it is even believed that dreams and premonitions come from the moon. The crescent moon tattoo can also represent ethereal beauty, or it may be a reminder that we shouldn’t live only in the past but must keep our eyes open for new opportunities. It can also indicate a connection with the universe.

Sun eclipse tattoo meaning.

There are some very interesting things about the sun that can be connected with tattoos.

The sun, like the moon, has its own cycle that affects our planet in many ways. It also has a strong connection with astrology and it is believed that influence of the sun can be seen in our behavior.

Every year there are two solstices that separate the seasons and mark the changes in days and nights on Earth. In astrology, they have a very important role to play because they give us information about our actions and how we conduct ourselves during certain times of the year. They represent change in life and the cycle of life.

The sun is a symbol of light, warmth and purity, but it can also be connected with the power that rules over us all. Tattooed on its own, it usually means vitality, energy and success in life. It can also mean self-confidence or even sexual desire.

A tattoo with the sun is connected to our daily battle for survival because during certain hours of the day it is crucial for us to have some kind of protection from its rays so we don’t burn ourselves up. Sun’s energy is essential for our lives since it gives us warmth and light which are two important elements necessary for survival without which we could not live as human beings. The strength that comes out from this tattoo is amazing and it shows the power of human will.

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People who get sun tattoos usually want to be seen as being strong so they attract attention from others. When getting a tattoo with the sun, most people choose bright colors – yellow, orange or red – because they represent warmth and purity along with strength and energy. Sun means life, warmth, vitality and strength so you can’t go wrong if you choose this symbol for your tattoo!