Eight point star tattoo meaning

The 8 point star tattoo has different meanings among the many varied cultures.  Each culture believes that their concept of the eight pointed star is the correct one, but this is not necessarily true.

Eight pointed stars, also known as Octagrams, are used in different cultures to mean different things. Some of these cultures are Buddhism, Hinduism, Gnostics, Judeo-Christian, Egyptian, Babylonian and Wiccans, among others.

In general, an eight-pointed star allows us to open our eyes and let us see beyond the material world and explore spiritual values. mythologian

A star is universally considered to be a symbol of the heavens, which in turn represents the soul.  These concepts are common through most cultures; however, with each culture having their own interpretation of what that symbolism means.

Eight point star chest tattoo
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So, what does  Eight point star tattoo mean ?

The 8 point star tattoo is often used as protection against evil spirits, black magic and it can also act as a repellent against negative forces.  It is also the symbol of truth (justice), eternity, spiritual power and loyalty.

Generally, in oriental rugs stars are symbols of protection against evil, summoning up the happiness. An eight-pointed star may be also connected with some kind of spiritual revelation, as in some cultures it is called Salomon’s star or Mohammed’s jewel.


Other cultures consider it to be a representation of heaven on earth; for them the star stands for creation through destruction, which can be interpreted as new life coming from death.

The 8 pointed star tattoo is also connected with divinity, spirituality and wisdom.  This is evident in the many religions that use it as part of their iconography, such as Sikhism, Judaism and Hinduism.

It represents the eightfold path that one needs to follow in order to break free from one’s worldly attachments and escape suffering. These are known as right intention, right mindfulness, right concentration, right view, right action, right effort, right livelihood and right speech.


What does the location of this tattoo have to do with its meaning?

An 8 pointed star tattoo worn on the side of the body symbolizes good health.  A star tattoo on one shoulder signifies power or authority; while a star on the other shoulder symbolizes power in business and career.

The 8 pointed star tattoo worn in the middle of the back is often associated with great “spiritual wealth,” and sometimes it means that its wearer has knowledge of magic.  A star tattoo at the top of one foot signifies quick, unexpected money.

Is there a relationship between the color and significance of this tattoo?

The significance of the star is associated with its color, which is another important part of a 8 point star tattoo design.  This relationship can be found in many cultures and religions that use the eight-pointed star as part of their iconography.

A black or white 8 point star tattoo meaning is sometimes considered to represent good luck; whereas a blue or red 8 pointed star tattoo meaning is often associated with spiritual and physical harmony.

A gray 8 pointed star tattoo meaning represents a transition from one phase of life to another.