Elk tattoo meaning

The Elk is a large member of the deer family that inhabits forests and plains in North America. The male elk are called bulls, the female are cows and baby elk are called calves. During the mating season in the spring they grow large antlers that are used for fighting other bulls or defending themselves against predators. The male elk weigh up to 700 lbs (320 kilograms) and stand up to 6 feet (2 meters) tall. The biggest threat for an Elk is the Grizzly bear.

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The elk is a very important animal for many tribes of Native Americans, and it has a special place in their mythology.

For example, the Lakota (Sioux) believed that the first elk gave its life to supply humanity with food and hides, and was honored as the main provider of winter meat.

The Elk is also a symbol of might and power, both physical and spiritual.

The Native Americans believe that drinking the blood of an elk gave them strength during battle. And the elktears are said to have healing powers which can calm bodily souls as well as spirit.


If you choose to get an Elk tattoo it stands for

  • endurance,
  • self-respect,
  • dignity,
  • wisdom,
  • courage,
  • persistence ,
  • great respect for family,
  • grace under pressure.


Elk tattoos are also an excellent choice for family tattoos. Butcheredlk means that you are willing to die for someone else.

Tattooing the skull of an elk on your arm is a sign of true friendship.

Tattooing two elks is a symbol of the bond between twins.

If you get an elk head tattoo it can mean that you’re always watching out for everyone, you’re always available to help them and protect them from evil influences to help them through their journey.

It can also evoke protection from outside forces or just being able to face life’s challenges with dignity and courage.

Some Native American tribes believe that the elk is a symbol of great strength and courage. This tattoo design can also represent honor, nobility, grace, generosity and stamina.

Getting an Elk tattoo means you are not afraid of facing your fears. It can be a sign of strength in battle or when faced with personal struggles in life.

A Mother’s love for her child is one of the strongest bonds there ever was or will be, It also represents maternal instincts.

Elk tattoos are most popular among women but they do look masculine too which makes them very versatile to any kind of tattoo collector .

Why not get an elk tattoo on your arm, leg, shoulder or chest?

Make sure you go to a highly skilled artist. Check out our Tattoo Artists section for some high quality recommendations. Also be aware that all the Elk pictures in this article are low-resolution images so check out the artists portfolios before you make any decisions ! Happy hunting !

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