Eye and clock tattoo meaning ( explained )

Eye and clocks are separately the most used symbols in tattoos, due to their significance in everyone’s day to day.

While eyes symbolize protection and knowledge , clocks are the significance of time and how it affects us.

The trend lately is to combine these two tattoos into one , by putting the clock on the eye like this image below.

Eye and clock tattoo

The meaning behind this tattoo can vary widely from one person to another, but there are creative beliefs about its meaning that range from ‘time flies when you’re having fun‘ to ‘time can heal anything‘.

In this articles we will look in detail about each and every one of these meanings and more

New beginning

The actual meaning is that the eye represents the past and the clock represents the future. The eye will be moving once more on to something new because of time. They are often a sign of new beginning, or for when life is about to change for the best.

Time flies when you having fun

Eye and clock tattoo

People get tattoos in the hope that it will make time fly. While time does not actually fly, the tattoo symbolizes time speedily passing by when you are having fun with your friends.

Time can heal anything

Eye and clock shoulder tattoo

A popular belief about this tattoo is that if you have pain in your chest or shoulders it means that passing time can heal all your injuries or problems.

Having an eye for things



Seeing through the walls

It does not literally mean that you can see through walls, but instead around the walls. This tattoo symbolizes the ability to see what is hidden, and also what is really around us..

We should spend more time for us, friends and family rather than our jobs and other commitments.

eye clock tattoo
Family where life begins love never ends @antraschino


Eye and clock tattoo

A popular belief is behind this tattoo is that you should spend more time with your family and friends rather than working or dedicating your life to something else. It can also represent the idea of just sitting back and enjoying life.

Humans vs machines

eye clock tattoo

A common combination with clock tattoos is an eye, which represents a meeting of organic humanity with a more mechanical, structured, and manmade timepiece.


Wrap up

Tattoos are usually fun and personal. They can be a sentimental gift from a significant other, or a really cool way to show that you’ve gone on an epic date with someone special. But sometimes, some people will tattoo something on their body without deliberating about the meaning behind it or thinking about how permanent this is going to be for them. Determining the meaning of a tattoo before you ink your skin is important since body modifications like tattoos or piercings can have powerful effects on someone’s life.