Eye and Moon tattoo meaning [explained]

colorful eye moon tattoo in the back
colorful eye moon tattoo in the back @nailspiercings.byluna

The eye and the moon symbolize protection, tranquility, and insight – all useful if you’re looking for a tattoo to wear when you’re feeling vulnerable or uneasy.

The crescent of the moon often represents femininity and fertility, which ties into many different cultural beliefs about mothers and goddesses. Whether you want a small tattoo on your ankle or something to cover your entire back, this is one design that’s guaranteed to leave an impression.

The Egyptians often referred to the sun and the moon as the “eyes” of particular gods. The right eye of the god Horus, for instance, was equated with the sun, and his left eye equated with the moon.


Let’s go through the meanings behind this beautiful tattoo in more details

Eye and Moon phases tattoo
Eye and Moon phases tattoo @mimink_tattoo

What’s the meaning behind eye moon tattoos ?


Eye moon tattoo meaning is determined by its context. Several cultures see the moon and the eye as a symbol of protection, with the moon watching over the eye to make sure no harm comes to it. It’s believed that if you have an eye with a crescent moon above it in your life, you’ll be protected from evil spirits and bad luck. The Egyptian goddess Ma’at is often portrayed as having an eye in her hands along with a lunar crescent moon above her head for this very reason.


Some people associate the moon with intuition and other “gut” feelings, so it’s a good tattoo to have if you regularly get this feeling when you’re upset or feeling vulnerable. This is also the meaning behind the word “moon” in the word “lunatic,” who has lost their reason.


Although this might not sound very exciting, some people want a moon eye because it represents tranquility and inner peace – which are, after all, two of the most important things in life. Since you never know when life will throw you a curve ball, it’s good to have a tattoo that reminds you to be calm and keep the right perspective.


The moon is associated with wisdom because it affects all the water on the planet. People who are wise are often known to be more connected with the elements, including the water. This is why so many cultures see wisdom as related to such an ancient symbol like the moon.

moon eye arm tattoo
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Dark magic

Those who tattoo an eye crescent moon on their body for this purpose aren’t typically aware of the bad reputation this symbol has. It represents a huge number of things people consider bad luck or dark magic. For example, the witch Medea included the eye and moon symbol in her cursed opus, which was used to conjure a plague that killed thousands of people.


This symbol represents the spiritual side of the moon, so it can be a good tattoo if you’re trying to incorporate your spirituality into your life.

The dark side of moon tattoos are usually used as witchcraft symbols, and are associated with witches or mojo bags. This might have something to do with their negative energy, but it could also just be because they’re viewed as bad luck or unlucky creations.

moon eye tattoo
Disclaimer: Tattoo meanings are subjective, they can vary widely and are up for personal interpretation