Feather Arrow Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism

In this article, I will talk about the history of feathers and arrow tattoos and their symbolic meaning.

Many different cultures have long been associated with feathers because they are a symbol of flight and freedom. In many tribes, a feather is given to a warrior when he or she has accomplished something significant in battle.

Within Native American cultures, feathers are seen as a symbol for truth and justice. Feathers were often used when someone made a promise to speak the truth because it was believed that once given it would be impossible for them to lie.

Feather Arrow arm Tattoo
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Some history behind feather arrow tattoos

As said, the feather symbolizes freedom and flight to many cultures around the world. Also, different tribes have believed that feathers are a symbol of truth and justice because they cannot be used to deceive.

Therefore, one that is given a feather can never deceive another because they will have to use their words as truth and justice.

I have also read that ancient people, who believed that God was a dove and one of its feathers helped people to fly was given this phobia against women who were carrying at least one feather in their hair.

Feather Arrow back Tattoo
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So, what’s the meaning behind feather arrow tattoos ?

Feather arrow tattoos generally tell a story. They can represent a story of transformation and change in someone’s life. The meaning of the feather arrow tattoo is often defined by the context in which it is worn and the story that it tells.

In some cultures, the feather arrow is a symbol of a life spent in battle and a constant struggle with one’s own weaknesses. The fact that it is broken may also be seen as a symbol of the struggle to overcome.

When I tell people about my own journey, I share how I was born with a weakness for addiction and how I’ve had to constantly struggle against it. But through all that time, I never gave up completely on myself. So I decided to show my story through an arrow feather tattoo.
On my arm, I have a small feather that is tattooed. It has a story.

The feather arrow tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs for Native Americans. Feathers have been used for centuries to represent peace, love, hope, faith and prosperity. Arrow tattoos are symbolic representations of protection or evidence of a great journey taken.

Feather arrows also often symbolize a connection with Mother Earth, sky spirits or other nature spirits.

Colorful Feather Arrow arm Tattoo
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Feather Arrow Tattoo Design

When creating a feather arrow, it is important to consider the size and placement of the feathers to create an aesthetic design.

For instance, large feathers can be placed to cover more of the area on a shoulder blade than small ones. Smaller arrows can be placed on smaller areas like the chest or wrist. Other designs that use smaller feathers alongside large ones such as an arrowed heart or arrowed star have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Tattoos with arrows give off different meanings that are often related to choosing paths or goals in life, which are often based on personal beliefs or religion. Feathers arrow tattoos are both beautiful and meaningful- they’re popular for these reasons among people who have them inked

These tattoos are typically done in black and grey ink. The feather’s stem is represented by lines on the skin with the ends of the feathers being dotted with ink. With this tattoo, one receives strength, protection and guidance from above.

black Feather Arrow arm Tattoo
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