Fenrir tattoo meaning

Fenrir is the mighty giant wolf in Norse mythology. He was foretold to kill Odin during Ragnarök by an anonymous seer.

The name Fenrir means “of the fens.” This is where his mother Angrboda (a giantess) lived. The word association with ‘fen’ can also connote something evil or wicked, like hell or devilish associations.

Fenrir fore arm tattoo

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Your fenrir tattoo may refer to Fenrir’s role as a guardian of Asgard; to doomsday; or even to Fenrir’s own death at the jaws of another wolf named Skoll who will swallow the sun and end all life on earth during Ragnarok.

When you see your fenrir tattoo in the mirror, all these meanings and more will come to mind.

Fenrir tattoos can be seen in any style; black and grey traditional American, Japanese inspired irezumi ink, modern realistic three-dimensional designs, viking themed knotwork patterns, and super detailed line art.

Many tattoo artists around the world have used their Fenrir image on merchandise such as t-shirts or keychains for sale on sites like Redbubble .

I’m sure a few even have images of Fenrir tattooed somewhere on their body! If you’ve got a fenrir tattoo share yours with us below. We’d love to see your pics!

Some history about Fenrir

Founder of the Guardians of Asgaard, Fenrir is one of the most popular Norse mythology creatures. He was said to be a wolf as big as a house, with huge teeth and jaws that could swallow an elephant (and probably did). Even though he’s such a fierce creature, he has fans all around the world because they can relate to him. Here is his story:

To begin with, Fenrir was prophesied by Odin(Vikings’ leader) to be killed by one of Odin’s sons who will tear his jaw apart and become ruler of Asgard and Jotunheim (the land of ice giants).

The prophecy quickly became known among the gods and goddesses and made them very worried about what might happen if Fenrir refused to be their dog and let them chain him without a fight.

The only way they could think of was to use trickery and promise Fenrir anything he wanted as long as he revealed the prophecy and acted like a good doggie for once in his life. Fenrir, not bright enough at all to see through this obvious trap, agreed because if there was something he always wanted it has to be bones bigger than himself (he had an insatiable appetite) and more food than he can ever eat alone (he was too big). The gods realized that once they succeeded into hiding Fenrir’s jaw strength under chains, one of their sons would be brave enough to rip his head off by opening those powerful jaws. That plan didn’t really make Fenrir too happy.

Fenrir was not the only one who knew about this prophecy all along. The sea giantess, Mother of Monsters (she had 3 different kids with Loki) also knew about it and wanted to make sure that her son Jormungandr(huge snake who’s biting his own tail) will be the one who will end up ruling Asgard and Jotunheim after killing Odin. However, Fenrir did not know anything really because he didn’t care much for what went on in anyone else’s head but his own.