Fern leaf tattoo meaning and symbolism

Fern leaf tattoos are a symbol of natural beauty and deep connection with nature. It can be a little bit feminine tattoo choice, but definitely very popular among men too. The main thing about this type of body art is that the design cannot have more than two colors: black and green. Still, sometimes some light blue seems to be okay for it.

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Fern leaves can symbolize many different things. For instance, they can be a sign of someone who was born in Autumn when these plants are abundant. It also might mean steadiness and determination. They are often connected with belonging to the Celtic culture.

People who are Christians often have fern leaves because they are associated with the Tree of Life. Also, they can be a sign that their owners are environmentalists or follow any similar cause. It is also connected to ideas about purity and rebirth, but only among people who believe in reincarnation. Additionally, many young girls see them as a good luck charm.

In general, fern leaves have a lot of different symbolic values and that is why they are so popular. It all depends on a personal choice and a meaning a person assigns to them.

Fern leaf tattoo desing ideas

Tribal fern leaf tattoos are very fresh and unusual type of tattoos. They might be great choice for someone who wants to have something truly extraordinary on their skin. These types of tattoos are popular among men, but women can also sport them easily. With these designs people usually prefer to use black and green color only.

As we mentioned before, it is a good idea to use only two colors when it comes to these tattoos. So that the design would look very delicate and fresh on your skin. You can never go wrong with this type of tattoo as long as you have some basic knowledge about fern leaves. Just pay attention not to pick up something too complicated, otherwise people will have trouble understanding what does a particular tattoo mean for him/her exactly.

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A lot of celebrities sport fern leaf tattoos even though they may seem more appropriate for teenagers or young adults who enjoy natural style tattoos according to their personality and lifestyle choices. But don’t be afraid – it doesn’t matter if you 40 or 50 years old if you have a taste for natural tattoos. This design has been gaining popularity lately, so if you are thinking about getting one definitely do it!

One of the best places to get fern leaf tattoos is shoulder or upper arm area. It will look amazing on biceps too no matter if you are man or woman since they are quite simple and delicate. The other good place to put them is lower back. If you want to be original try placing it on your side where your waistline begins. Placing it below the belt line will not only look super sexy but also quite intriguing especially because these areas are hidden from people’s eyes most of the time so they may feel intrigued what sort of tattoo hides underneath the clothes.