Filigree tattoo meaning and symbolism

The filigree tattoo has long been with us, almost as long as the history of humanity. At first it was used to embellish tools, weapons and other objects important to our ancestors. Later they began applying them to their bodies. The word ‘tattoo’ comes from tatu – Polynesian word for puncturing the skin, and later in different languages ​​has begun to mean ’embroidered’. These days, the tattoo is one of the most popular ways to emphasize its owner’s individuality.

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How did it happen that tattoos are so popular? People used to take them quite seriously, because their meaning was often associated with religion or heroism. Now they are widely used for fashion, beauty or just because they like the design. The main thing – to be sure in your choice and understand that tattoos are for life (or even longer), so you must make a right decision. Then it will bring only pleasure!

Today we will look at the filigree tattoos. These are very delicate tattoos that fit women more than men, but there are examples where men use these tattoos on their bodies. This is a tattoo art traditionally used in Europe, it probably came from Russia or Germany. It has beautiful scrolls made of thin metal wire with elegant patterns of flowers, leaves and geometric shapes. They are very beautiful on the body of a woman, just as they look good on men – if you have enough strength to bear such a large tattoo. In addition to its beauty, this tattoo has another meaning that is associated with Europe and Russia: according to legends, it has protective properties. A girl wearing the filigree tattoo is protected from the evil eye, and men wearing them had luck in the battlefield.

Filigree tattoos are not very widespread. But, Because of its beauty they are becoming more popular, but still they do not lose their exclusivity. It is important to understand that this type of tattoo requires constant care – it has to be lubricated, cleaned and treated with special ointments that maintain the suppleness of the wire.

The filigree tattoo is both beautiful and meaningful. The thin metal wire has a delicate pattern, which looks great on the skin. This is not just an ornament for beauty – it also protects its owner from evil forces, so this tattoo will be liked by those who have enough courage to wear it with honor.

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As for the meaning of filigree designs, they are the manifestation of creativity and art. They require a lot of patience and time, as well as high-quality equipment, so this tattoo will not be taken lightly by those who want to have them on their skin.

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