Fingerprint tattoo meaning and symbolism

The meaning of tattooing fingerprints is not widely known. Tattoos on the fingers, palms of the hands or soles of feet are less frequent than others. However, their symbolism can be more secretive and meaningful than other tattoos on more visible places.

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Tattoos leave their imprints in our memory forever so if a fingerprint has been chosen to be tattooed it means that this person values the importance of a moment in his life, a feeling he experienced or an experience itself so much that they want to keep it always with them.

Fingerprint tattoo could have multiple meanings: remembrance, childhood, spirituality but at last it’s about eternal bond with one’s own self.

In many cultures fingerprints are used for protection against evil eye and bad spirits and persons who have tattoos with fingerprints believe it will protect them in the same way.

Fingerprint tattoos do not mean that this person does not want to forget something from his past, on the contrary this is a reminder of what he/she has been through, wanted to remember it always and they don’t mind having it visible forever.

Unlike most other tattoos fingerprint doesn’t show character traits of its bearer because everyone has unique ones no matter if you are left-handed or right-handed. Fingerprints are also noticeable even when your hands are dirty or sweaty so if you can’t see them then nobody else will be able to except for people very close to you.

Some creative ideas about fingerprint tattoos are:

Heart-shaped fingerprint

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Heart-shaped fingerprint tattoo can symbolize love to someone (lover, family member or a child). Tattooing this shape may represent how much you’re willing to give for the person you love. Heart has always been known as an expression of affection and feelings so choosing heart-shaped pattern can be very romantic way to show your feelings even if the tattoo is not about lover but about other special person.

Love quotes with fingerprints

These are the perfect choice for couples who have tattoos on their fingers because doing it together makes them even more special. Togetherness also shows deep commitment between partners so they both carry words of love or any other phrase that describes their relationship on their bodies forever

I want you

Most popular quotes which are tattooed on fingers are I want you, All you need is love, I will always be there for you or You are everything for me.

Flower fingerprint tattoos

They can symbolize beauty of nature and even remind you that life is beautiful. Tattooing flower could be an expression of gratitude for having met someone who changed your life in good way or it may mean that it was time to move on from the past and start new chapter in life with a hope that future would bring only happiness. Flower is also believed to have special powers such as warding off evil spirits so if this is your reason then choose according to your taste: rose, lotus, daisy or cherry blossom.

Fingerprint stars

Fingerprint stars can symbolize reaching for the stars and achieving your goals. This tattoo also means that you want to be always among those who inspire others, set examples of how life should be lived or even show bad example so people will learn from them.

Fingerprint feather

Feather is a part of bird’s body and apart from having symbolic meaning of freedom and moving forward it can also represent protection and closeness your family members feel towards you. Feather tattoos on fingers are perfect choice for women who were involved into their families lives more than men because this tattoos shows softness and femininity which makes it very attractive especially for ladies with strong character traits such as self-confidence, independence etc.