Fishtail Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism ( Explained )

Fishtail tattoos are a fairly new addition to the tattoo world. The meaning of this tattoo is that it is a symbol of being free, open-minded and versatile in all aspects of life. Fishtail tattoos are often linked with Pisces, which has long been associated with the idea of spiritual growth, creativity, and freewill.

Fishtail arm Tattoo

Some meanings behind fishtail tattoos

The symbolism behind fishtail tattoos include an open mind and lack of prejudice against other races or religions. As well as freedom from constrictive emotions such as violence, greed or lust for power.

fishtail ankle tattoo

let’s see some other meanings behind fishtail tattoos:

1. Love of the ocean

One of the most common meanings associated with fishtail tattoos is a love for the ocean and all things aquatic. A fishtail tattoo looks very similar to a mermaid’s tail and is often used by women who enjoy swimming in the sea to make their love for the ocean symbolically known.

Fishtail Tattoo

During the past few centuries, mermaid mythology has evolved from a mythical creature that lured sailors to their deaths into an immortal being that loves to frolic in the waves. While some men may find these tattoos sensual and beautiful, they are often seen as emblematic of femininity by others.

2. The freedom

Fishtail tattoos can also be used to represent the freedom and independence that comes with being single. These women find them inspirational both visually and mentally. Unlike mermaids though, these women are free to make their own choices in life and no one else’s will be affected as a result.

Fishtail Tattoo

3. Love

Fishtail tattoos can also be associated with the love of two people. The two intertwined fish symbolize the union of two people and their love for each other. This is seen in tattoos of many couples such as a man holding onto the tail of a woman or a woman lying on her stomach holding onto her partner’s fishtail tattooed leg or arm, amongst others.

4. Social anxiety

A fishtail tattoo can also be associated with a woman’s struggle with social anxiety. The connection that is made in the mind between these women and their struggle with this disorder is often what makes them choose this type of tattoo.

fishtail shoulder tattoo

A fishtail tattoo can be seen as a sign of an internal battle that every woman must face. Whether it’s being afraid to approach strange men in public or being reluctant to leave the safety of your home, these women find strength and confidence in the way they look at themselves in the mirror everyday.

fishtail arm tattoo

Now that you know !

Now that you know the meaning and symbolism behind fishtail tattoos, it’s time to consider getting inked. Whether it is for love, freedom or mental strength and confidence, a fishtail tattoo is the ideal choice for women who live life on their own terms.